Interior doors 2025: Trends and ideas from manufacturer catalogs

The production of interior doors is a business whose popularity is growing every day. In pursuit of the buyer, factories constantly follow fashion and offer products at competitive prices. Why not enter the new season through a new door – in the truest sense of the word? Let’s talk about what modern interior doors will look like in the interior in 2025 – fashion trends and ideas can already be seen in the photo from manufacturers’ catalogs.

Interior doors 2025: Current models

Interior doors 2025

The model must be selected for the interior and layout of the room as a whole, but there are cases when different options are suitable. So, according to customer reviews and current trends, interior doors of such models will be in fashion now and in 2025:

  • sliding compartments – because you need to save space;
  • sliding “accordion” – for the same reason;
  • a hidden “pencil case” is preferable to a barn suspension – it again saves space and can be equipped with a false wall;
  • without platbands – an analogue of hidden doors, but painted (or pasted) not necessarily in the color of the walls.

That is, the main concept is invisibility, functionality versus deliberate attraction of attention. Of course, the usual swing doors will retain their positions. How do they look fashionable? Let’s look further.

Interior door trends 2025: Materials

Interior doors 2025

There are often two extremes among buyers: some are ready to buy any beautiful plywood, if only it is cheaper. Others resist and want only an array, they don’t need anything else (even if the texture of the array is not visible under a layer of paint). We recommend choosing in accordance with the characteristics of the room and design. Modern ways of finishing panels – whether it is a natural wood plank or a pine frame with cardboard filler – allow any source material to be made attractive.

On our website, we have already talked about what interior doors are made of, talked about the pros and cons of various options. But since the eco-agenda is particularly relevant today, we suggest stopping at an eco-veneer with an MDF base.

Both materials are made from wood waste, using resins (the main thing is that the manufacturer does not save on non-toxic compounds), dyes and polymers. The result is a product that looks like an array, while being much cheaper. They produce articles for painting, pasting and ready-made models. In general, versatility and environmental friendliness are at the forefront.

Interior door designs 2025: Trend Covers

Interior doors 2025

We have to admit: the pattern of natural wood is going out of fashion – whether it is natural, printed or painted. First, he left with cheap PVC coatings, and now he says goodbye to modern interior doors, and regardless of the interior design of the apartment – 2025 dictates austerity, simplicity and cleanliness. Six months ago, you could boast of laminated panels that were easy to clean, looked decent and were inexpensive. It’s time for painting.

Will dyed products be more expensive? Perhaps – if they are covered with high-quality compounds that will begin to fall off in a month, without streaks and bubbles. At the same time, the base also depends – a painted array will cost much more than MDF, even taking into account the preparation for painting.

Should I focus on the “main color of the year”?

Interior doors 2025

Our answer: no. At least if you don’t want to mess around with repainting. Recall that the Pantone Institute only in December will designate the color that will be the “main” next year. Focus on the details of the interior, and leave the door alone. If you just want to be in trend, consider additional design:

  • painting – compositions will be needed not only for drawing a picture, but also for preparing the canvas, in general, the process can be very laborious;
  • stickers and translators – a simple and inexpensive temporary solution that even a child can handle, from the pros – at any time you can “roll back” as it was;
  • backlighting is a technically complicated solution, not very practical, but very high-tech: a colored diode strip is placed around the perimeter of the casing, an option is a lamp with colored diodes above the door frame itself.

Choosing the material of the doors to the bathroom

Extreme humidity, temperature fluctuations, constant touching – these are the operating conditions for bathroom doors. It is necessary to approach with special care the choice of material so that they serve as long as possible and retain their original appearance. What material to choose the door to the bathroom? Let’s look at the options.

Popular interior door design

Interior doors 2025

Since the general trend dictates simplicity and directness, there are several options for finishing doors that will not become obsolete not only next season, but, we believe, further:

  • a smooth canvas is a universal win-win option, although a little boring;
  • split panels – more often horizontal or vertical;
  • geometric combination of materials – for example, plain-colored panels alternate with wood texture;
  • glass – mostly frosted.

In anti-trends – stained-glass windows, floral ornaments, glazing bead and panels. Of course, if the interior requires all this, do it, but be aware: they don’t “wear” like that anymore.

Modern interior doors in the interior in 2025, in accordance with fashion trends and trends, will be practical and somewhat minimalist. The colors are soft and non-contrasting, the canvases will be either smooth or with drawings of straight lines – no bends and stained glass windows. You can see the novelties of the factories and choose the most suitable one in the salons of interior doors of the shopping mall – here the assortment that will be relevant next season is already presented.

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