Bed Trends 2025

What do trendy beds look like in 2025? What to choose for furnishing the bedroom so that the room looks stylish, matches current trends, is comfortable, cozy and beautiful.

Bed Trends 2025

Bed trends 2025 differ in types, shapes, materials, color palette and design. Single and double models can be both extremely simple and concise, and decorated very effectively and in a variety of ways. For each person there is a suitable option.

Bed frame trends 2025: Types and shapes

Bed Trends 2025

Modern manufacturers and designers offer a great variety of solutions, among which everyone can find something to their liking.

Soft beds

Upholstered models are a steady trend that has continued since 2022. Chenille, matting, velor, even velvet is actively used to decorate the body and headboard, smooth out sharp corners and give almost any model a smooth rounded shape.

Ultra-soft, as if frameless (so it seems that they still have a base), also remain in trend, but they are still difficult to buy (they are not produced much, prices are above average) and you cannot put them in a small bedroom – soft upholstery reaches up to + 15- 20 cm to the bed.

High or curved headboard

The backrest can be low or medium, but more often it is high, straight or curved, as if “hugging” the bed on both sides, giving an additional sense of security, privacy and comfort. Decorated with vertical stitching, frame, carriage tie. Or minimalistically upholstered in fabric.

Sleeping systems

Radical raising to the absolute of the models from the previous paragraph. Sleeping systems are a complex structure, which is:

  • legs or footboard;
  • lamella base;
  • frame;
  • soft panels that decorate the wall.

In fact, the headboard extends all the way to the ceiling. Of course, such a design cannot stay on the frame, so the panels are mounted directly on the wall, although the design matches the bed.

Bed frame without a headboard

Extremely simple in appearance, similar to modular sofas, these beds are suitable for minimalist bedrooms. Usually, the absence of a headboard is complemented by a solid base that reaches the floor or does not reach it by 1-2 centimeters.

Such products include podium beds, which involve the arrangement of a sleeping place on an artificial elevation or platform. The headboard is missing here by default.


The key principle of all styles in 2025 is practicality. The interior implies comfort, harmony between man and nature, rejection of the superfluous. This is reflected in the models of beds. In addition, living space is shrinking: studios dd 25 square meters and small apartments dominate the market. They are the most affordable, which means they are in maximum demand. Small spaces require compact and functional furniture.

That is why transforming beds are so popular. Products that can serve as a full-fledged sleeping place at night, and in the morning turn into a compact sofa or even a closet, are very practical. They save space and ensure compliance with ergonomic standards, the most efficient use of usable space.


Regardless of which bed model you like, the 2025 trends place certain demands on convenience and practicality. So, models should be equipped with an orthopedic base made of flexible slats – this is necessary so that a person can relax in a dream, completely distribute body weight over the bed and mattress, and maintain the natural curve of the spine.

Many manufacturers complete their products with flexible rails mounted on the frame, but it happens that they need to be purchased separately.


A bed in a modern apartment is more than just a place to relax. At the same time, it can also serve as a storage system. The presence of a lifting mechanism and drawers at the base is an optional element, but it definitely won’t be superfluous. As a rule, spare pillows, blankets, bedspreads are removed in such sections.

Beds 2025: Colors

Bed Trends 2025

Natural shades are still at the top of the fashion pyramid. Current use:

  • lilac;
  • beige;
  • light and dark gray;
  • dark green and pistachio;
  • white;
  • black;
  • shade of dusty rose.

Pastel tones and achromatics predominate. An interesting solution for the room – decoration and furniture, made in the same color. For example, in bedroom trends 2025, total beige is back in fashion. The tone, which for a long time was considered boring and banal, is now at its peak: walls, floors, cabinet products are decorated with it. And the beds, of course, too. So that such a bedroom does not seem boring, designers play on the difference in textures: soft upholstery, for example, from velor, blackout curtains, decorative plaster on the wall.

In the trend and all varieties of natural wood. If your bed has a solid base, you should not hide it behind layers of paint, you can emphasize it with varnish and leave it like that – annual rings, knots and polished bumps will give the furniture a spectacular look.

The combination of colors looks interesting: the base shade, which is used for the upholstery of the upholstered headboard or for finishing the body, with contrasting legs or decorative inserts.

Bright hues are fine too, but if you’re choosing one for your bed, you’ll want to ensure that the rest of the room is decorated in soothing neutrals. There can be only one accent, and textiles or small decorations will support it. If you want color, you can use carmine red, malachite green, fuchsia, electric blue. But do not forget that the main thing in the bedroom is relaxation and rest, so there should not be too much color.

Materials and textures

Beds 2025

Traditional materials are used to create beds:

  • chipboard;
  • MDF;
  • array;
  • metal.

The base is usually made of birch or ash lamellas, which have the desired degree of flexibility. But there are practically no restrictions in the decoration: all kinds of fabrics, artificial and natural rattan, veneer, glass or plastic inserts are used.

Especially relevant for rigid models is the combination of several materials and textures in the headboard and frame. For soft ones – the use of polyurethane foam filler, which makes the back voluminous.

Bed trends 2025: Styles

Beds 2025

There are several stylistic directions in which you can and should choose furniture.

Loft remains in trend. Rough, emphatically brutal textures, wood and metal, a base that imitates boards hastily knocked together. It looks spectacular, but requires an appropriate interior around: if you put such a bed in a bedroom with a simple repair, the combination will turn out to be very peculiar.

Provence is back in fashion. Rustic style with warm pastel colors is ideal for private houses, but can also be used for apartments. Decorated solid wood beds or metal frames and wrought iron headboards are characteristic features.

Scandinavian style is still popular. It is practical, versatile, suitable for small and large bedrooms. It involves the use of simple plain furniture without complex decor.

Soft minimalism is perhaps the most modern of all trends. Rounded headboards, soft textured upholstery, creamy and woody shades, no sharp corners, all this is about him. The usual minimalist rigor recedes, giving space to a softer and more comfortable version.

Retro, which includes a variety of offshoots, including, for example, mid-century modern, is also popular. Furniture in this style is characterized by high eye-catching legs, ease of design, strength and reliability. This can also be safely attributed to the back of the array or furniture board, knobs and headboard, which is a hollow frame with several crosshairs.

Neoclassic is a great option for those who are tired of restraint and rigor. A simplified version of traditional interiors looks appropriate in apartments. An array and abundance of jewelry, carriage screed, glitter and velvet, all this will do.

However, the styles of furniture and interior design in 2025 can be safely combined with each other, because the deconstruction of the very concept of fashion underlies most of the current trends.

Conclusion: what are the trendy beds 2025

Fashionable bed trends in 2025 are spacious, comfortable, concise, but at the same time not too strict design. The trend is a soft high back, a simple form of construction and an abundance of fabric elements.

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