Garden Furniture Trends 2025

Garden Furniture Trends 2025

You have planned the purchase of a new comfortable garden furniture, design? This year again, the low garden furniture, whether in wood, aluminium, woven resin, PVC, with rope, rattan… is the essential outdoor furniture for enjoying the summer on its terrace, its balcony, in its garden or by the swimming pool. We generally recognize the low garden set by its garden sofa(s), associated with one or more garden armchairs and a coffee table, all for a convivial space.

Zen, bohemian, ethnic, minimalist, contemporary, modern, chic, Scandinavian or even seaside terrace or balcony atmosphere: the garden furniture trends for summer 2025 are numerous for a cocooning exterior, which will allow us to enjoy the sun and warmth and feel good there.

Looking for a comfortable low garden furniture set, which includes sofa(s), coffee table, armchair(s), in materials such as wood (teak, acacia, eucalyptus, etc.), in aluminum (with cushions of course for comfort), in rattan (ultra-trendy in 2025) in plastic or woven resin for sunbathing under a beautiful ray of sunshine and eating a good meal outside with family or friends during the day and relaxing summer evenings? Follow the leader!

Garden furniture trends 2025

Garden Furniture Trends 2025

If for you, a garden must be colorful to be at the top of the decorative trend, then the garden furniture and especially your garden furniture can have a colored structure (green, yellow, pink, blue, red, etc.) and covers colorful cushions. The new collections of garden centers or garden furniture brands offer for 2025 colored garden furniture in different styles.

For a garden, terrace or balcony with an ethnic/bohemian or natural style, rattan, bamboo and a beige/black mix with patterns will be perfect. The low garden furniture can be combined or not with the rest of the outdoor furniture: high garden furniture with table (extendable or not) and chairs, sun loungers, parasols, hanging chair and hammock chairs, Acapulco armchairs, etc.

If you are more of a chic, sober, minimalist, and cocooning garden furniture type, the choice will not be lacking either: fine structure in beige, gray, black or white steel/aluminum, in wood will give an elegant look to your exterior.

Finally, we will not forget the essential wooden garden furniture, comfortable, authentic, natural, elegant, which goes with all styles of decoration and all exteriors.

The garden furniture can be modular, include garden benches/sofas alone or just armchairs, poufs, 2, 3 or 5 seater sofas, chaise lounges, benches, built-in elements… There is no shortage of choice for a relaxation area outside!

Price-wise, there is everything. From a hundred euros to over €3,000 depending on the brand, the size of the garden furniture set (mini for 2 or 3 people or XXL for 10 to 14 people), the material (metal, wood, resin), the quality…

The Best design and comfortable garden furniture 2025

The selection of products below is updated each year according to trends and sorted by material. There are all brands of garden furniture: La Redoute (Interiors and AM.PM), Maisons du Monde, Alice’s Garden, Leroy Merlin, Oviala, Ikea, Westwing, VidaXL and many others. Only available on the internet for some, others are visible in store. For the delivery time, shipping, the package and its packaging, the quality of the product, do not hesitate to refer to customer reviews.

NB: our article will be updated over the weeks with the new spring – summer 2025 collections of outdoor furniture brands.

Wooden garden furniture

Garden Furniture Trends 2025

There are several types of wood: teak, acacia, bamboo, rattan, pine, eucalyptus… Wooden garden furniture is a must in terms of designer low garden furniture: elegant, chic, warm, it blends just as well in the grass, as with tiled floors, concrete or an already wooden terrace. With beige / ecru or white cushions, it will be at the top to furnish your exterior and offer the necessary comfort for a convivial moment with family or friends, or for a nap in the sun.

Resin wicker garden furniture

Furniture Trends 2025

Resistant to time, easy to maintain and aesthetic, the woven resin garden furniture is reinventing itself: it is no longer just black. Khaki green, pink, beige, gray, white combined with rope, the resin is featured on sofas, garden armchairs and modern design garden furniture sets, which are placed on a balcony or on a terrace of your choice. It offers the advantage of being easy to clean! It can also imitate wood or give a bohemian / seaside spirit with its beige rattan style.

Natural rattan garden furniture

Furniture Trends 2025

Rattan seduces for its charm and authenticity: for a terrace or balcony with a vintage/retro or bohemian style, natural rattan or imitation rattan garden furniture (similar to woven resin garden furniture) is ideal!

Rope garden furniture

Furniture Trends 2025

Rope is one of the aesthetic elements of the essential garden furniture and sofas/armchairs for summer 2025: it is found on the backs and armrests of many of these pieces of furniture. Often colorful, it brings the little designer touch that sets the outdoor living room in wood, aluminum or resin apart from other more classic garden furniture. Discover our selection of rope garden sets on our dedicated article.

Aluminum / steel garden furniture

Furniture Trends 2025

Minimalist, with its straight lines, the aluminum or metal garden furniture is resistant, sober, refined, perfect for outdoors, for a garden with a minimalist contemporary, Scandinavian or even vintage style. Take quality garden furniture so that it withstands the weather throughout the seasons.

Modular canvas garden furniture

Garden Trends 2025

These are often durable canvas sofas for outdoors, sold individually, which allow you to create a real modular garden furniture, in fabric/canvas. Meridians, armchairs, corners, all these side tables and even straight fabric sofas are sober, elegant and chic at the same time. It has been one of the rising trends in designer garden furniture since the summer of 2024.

Colorful garden furniture trends 2025

Garden Trends 2025

Whether in aluminium, steel, rope, resin: colored low and high garden furniture are on trend in 2025 to furnish your terraces, gardens and poolsides.

Balcony lounges and outdoor furniture for small spaces

Garden 2025

Discover our file dedicated to balconies, small terraces and small outdoor spaces with reduced garden furniture to save space while ensuring comfort and design!

XXL garden furniture for large spaces

Garden 2025

Looking for large or even XXL garden furniture to accommodate more than 10 people (and even up to 15) seated? The low or high XXL garden sets allow you to entertain family and friends with comfortable seating for everyone, on the terrace, in the garden or by the pool. Discover our file dedicated to XXL garden furniture.

Sites that sell garden furniture

Which garden furniture set will you fall for? Among the resellers of garden furniture (lounges but also tables, chairs, etc.).

Wayfair, Home Depot, Houzz, Amazon, Walmart, Hayneedle, Target, La Redoute,, Westwing and Maisons du Monde are essential because they are also marketplaces for other brands of outdoor furniture than their own.. DIY and gardening brands are not left out either, such as Leroy Merlin or Gammvert. Enough to have a choice for decorative garden furniture, relaxation for a cocooning exterior, whether it is a terrace, a balcony or the garden directly.

How to choose garden furniture?

To choose your garden furniture, you will have to take into account several criteria:

  • the space you have: whether it is a garden or an XXL terrace such as a mini balcony, these will determine the dimensions and the number of places in your garden furniture. On a large terrace, it is easier to place a low XXL garden furniture set with a chaise longue, while a single 2-seater sofa or an armchair is preferred on a small balcony.
  • comfort: with or without a cushion, with a more or less high backrest, enough to lie down or stretch out your legs, you’ll spend time sitting or taking naps on your garden furniture, so make it comfortable! Similarly, if you plan to eat installed on your garden furniture, plan it practical with a coffee table, something to put your things on…
  • resistance to time: to stand up to the weather, certain materials such as aluminum, teak or resin are preferred.
  • maintenance: a wooden garden furniture will require more maintenance than one made of metal, resin or plastic because it will have to be stained.
  • aesthetics and material: but wooden garden furniture also has the advantage of being aesthetic, warm and suitable for almost any garden. For a more contemporary/minimalist style, we will favor aluminum.
  • the price: the larger the garden furniture, the more the price will increase. Likewise, teak garden furniture or a quality material, more resistant over time, will be more expensive. Finally, the brand also plays an important role in the price of your future garden furniture.

Outdoor furniture and decorations for the terrace or balcony in 2025

Garden armchair, hanging chair, deck chair, sun lounger, pouf, hammock, parasol, outdoor rugs: there are many outdoor furniture and decorations to furnish your terrace or balcony and make it a real friendly, relaxing place.

Find the latest collections and trends in garden furniture and decoration for summer 2025.

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