The Most Popular Garden Trends 2025

Garden Trends 2025

Summer still seems far away, and yet winter is an ideal season to start thinking about the layout of your garden, with a view to the sunny days to come. Terrace, furniture, flowers, lighting, etc., it is important to take action in time to ensure perfectly harmonious and maintained exteriors. So, what are the garden trends 2025? What materials/colors to favor? Which plants to choose? What furniture to install to be up to date? Focus on the most popular trends for 2025 in terms of garden and outdoor furniture.

Garden trends 2025: Purple flower beds

Garden Trends 2025

Are you wondering which color to choose for your flower beds? In 2025, the big trend for the garden is purple, a symbol of creativity and expression. Whether lilac, plum, lavender or purple, purple also goes perfectly with wood or metal materials, making it an ideal color for the coming summer. Among the different varieties of flowers which offer pretty purple tones when flowering, you can for example opt for lilac (known for its fruity and intense fragrance), passionflower (also called passion flower), wild violet (which will give a rural touch to your garden), or the essential lavender, with its intoxicating scent. If you have an arch or arbor to decorate, consider wisteria, a climbing plant with abundant flowering and an intense purple color. It is absolutely beautiful in a garden.

Garden furniture 2025: Raw and natural materials

Garden Trends 2025

In recent years, citizen movements in favor of the environment have multiplied. Driven by this new ecological and responsible trend, garden furniture manufacturers, whether everywhere in Europe, in France, in Belgium such as Vidaxl Belgium, in Italy, in Spain… all agree on a central trend: updating the honor of raw and natural materials. Started in 2024, this approach is now continuing for the year 2025, with solid wood, teak, stone, or rattan as major players. Therefore, choose garden furniture (tables, deckchairs, sofas, armchairs, etc.) in solid wood, which is both noble and weather-resistant. You can also opt for raw materials, such as steel or brushed metal, which, in addition to their solidity, bring a nice vintage touch to your exteriors. When it comes to decoration, focus on stone, whether for your flower pots or decorative sculptures.

Outdoor furniture and decoration: the colors to favor

Garden Design 2025

Regarding the color of garden furniture, the trends that are emerging are also part of this return to all-natural. In addition to raw wood, the idea is to stay in nude, beige, ocher, or even terracotta tones, also very popular in interior decoration, for everything relating to garden accessories. Pottery, vases, flower pots and planters, the natural, timeless tones combine ideally with all the colors of your garden.

Garden design 2025: Create a living space and conviviality

Garden Design 2025

It’s a trend that is gaining more and more momentum in gardens: the outdoor studio. Ideal for enlarging its living space, while creating a real cocoon of calm and softness, the garden studio can serve both as a relaxation area, but also as a workspace, or even as an outdoor bar for after-work. noon of idleness with friends. If you don’t have the budget for a garden studio as such, you can always opt for a brazier / barbecue area, or simply a terrace that invites you to relax. Whatever your choice, the time for summer 2025 is to create cozy and comfortable convivial spaces in your gardens.

Garden 2025: Slow gardening

Garden Design 2025

The next garden trends 2025: slow gardening. Invented across the Atlantic, this practice consists of letting your garden “live” and flourish as close as possible to nature, that is to say, without constraints. Slow gardening is therefore characterized by the absence of chemicals, the observation of nature in all its splendor, the use of local (and not exotic) plants, as well as values such as ecology and self-regulation. The objective is, in fact, to create the most favorable conditions for biodiversity, while limiting human intervention as much as possible. In the event of an incident, such as an attack of aphids, it is important to let the garden deal with the problem alone; for example, thanks to ladybugs and other predators. There’s nothing like letting Mother Nature do its thing to enjoy pleasant, healthy outdoors!

Outdoor furniture trends 2025: The new products that will mark outdoor life

Garden Design 2025

With every new year comes new ideas. Since the pandemic, homeowners have focused on transforming their outdoor spaces into everything from a home office to a living area to a place to safely host dinner parties and holiday gatherings. What are the garden furniture trends for 2025? With this focus on backyards, following the best trends can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Whatever your tastes and preferences, there is a trend that will work to maximize and personalize your outdoor living space. Whether you decide to refresh your yard with a brand new deck, choose a trendy style like Greek or terracotta, or opt for a sustainable design, there’s a trend for every style and outdoor need. Activate your imagination this year!

The big garden furniture trends for 2025

There is a particular trend that, whatever your tastes and preferences, will help you make the most of your outdoor living space and give it a much more personal touch. It doesn’t matter if you want to give your rattan garden furniture a second life., choose a trendy style like Greek to beautify the outdoor space, or opt for a design that prioritizes durability, there is a trend that adapts to all styles and all outdoor needs. Following what’s trendy can be a fun and rewarding activity, especially given today’s emphasis on outdoor living spaces such as backyards. Let’s look at the garden furniture trends 2025 that you can expect to see. Forget spending on unnecessary luxuries, spend more on good quality.

Garden ideas 2025: Trendy Greek-inspired touches

Everyone dreams of a Mediterranean vacation with this backyard theme. The Greek-inspired gardens offer a sense of romance and history. To make Greek dreams come true, opt for Greek statues, columns, formal hedges, archways, gravel gardens and stone walkways. Place your existing garden containers and urns on a Grecian-inspired platform. Although blue and white are the most traditional color choices, adding a pop of accent color to a primarily white garden also works well. Plant olive trees, succulents, boxwood and white roses, and use plants to shade seats. The colored cushions in yellow and white, or many other summer designs that you can find in the beautiful collections of Monoprix maison are an excellent choice. Invest in a space that will take you on a journey!

Garden trends 2025: Focus on curves

Garden 2025

The era of outdoor furniture consisting of squared boxes and sharp angles is over. The year 2025 is above all about curves! Chairs with curved lines not only offer a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room, but they are much more comfortable to sit in than straight-backed chairs. Look for curved lines in furniture if you want modern teak garden furniture that will really stand out from the crowd. The combination of pieces with straight lines and those with curved shapes generates more tension and drama. This may seem confronting, but in the context of an entertainment space they offer a very strong point of difference and individuality. When you buy your rattan garden furniture, dare to use bold colors. The trend is no longer for gray or all-black outdoor furniture. Bring a touch of pop art to your garden.

Garden furniture 2025: Trend of art and retro flourishes

Garden 2025

You’re in luck if you’re passionate about collecting vintage or antique items. It is also expected that furniture with a vintage aesthetic will make a reappearance. It’s no surprise that things that take inspiration from the past are becoming fashionable again given the growing popularity of mid-century modern design. The local antique store, car boot sale, flea market and online marketplaces such as Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace are all great places to search for gorgeous vintage items that won’t break the bank. Outdoor furniture in 2025 is more influenced by designs from around the world than ever before. There is no shortage of international inspiration on the market today. This is seen in everything,

Garden decor 2025: Realize your own vision

Garden 2025

Whether you want to be fashionable or make your own statement with your outdoor living space, you’ll need the space first. The key word for this year 2025 is freedom! To save time, consider finding a professional and working closely with you to provide you with the structure that you can decorate your way. Who knows, when we write another article on the topic next year, maybe we’ll look at a trend that YOU started!

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