House Window Colors 2025

The color of window frames is an important component of the appearance of the entire building.

House Window Colors 2025

Choosing the window colors 2025, especially from the side of the facade, is an extremely important task. Because the same house with window frames in a different shade takes on a completely new look and changes its style. When planning the glazing of a cottage, it is good to clarify which colors of profile systems are most often used by architects in current residential real estate projects. This will allow you to create harmonious combinations of windows and facades in accordance with the prevailing trends at the moment.

Until a few decades ago, PVC windows were mostly white. This was due to the technological capabilities of the production lines of that time, as well as the lower cost of products. Over time, plastic windows, laminated to look like wood, began to acquire a voice. There was a time when the golden oak became especially popular. A few seasons ago, private customers began to massively buy PVC windows in gray and black. Previously, they were used mainly in modern office building projects. Wood-effect laminated windows have also become a common choice, but in cooler, gray or bleached hues. What colors of windows on the exterior house will be the most relevant in 2025, we will consider in the is post.

Classic and modern – white windows

House Window Colors 2025

White windows have always occupied high positions in the sales rankings in the market. However, this was mainly due to the lower price compared to PVC laminated windows. In the 2025 season, white has become not only an economical choice, but also an aesthetic and desirable one in architecture. Especially often white windows are chosen by designers from Western and Central Europe and Scandinavia, who are famous for their ultra-modern projects of private houses and uncompromising design solutions.

In recent projects, they are increasingly replacing the extremely popular anthracite or black windows. And it happens with full awareness. In their opinion, white windows with a minimalist profile design add lightness to the body of the building. They also go much better with trendy light gray roofs. White window frames also make windows appear larger. The white color also enhances the sunlight entering the rooms from outside.

Lightness and elegance – gray windows

Window Colors 2025

Gray in various shades has been present in the window and door industry for more than a decade. Anthracite windows have been the most popular choice in recent seasons. This dark, almost black shade of gray has mostly been used in modern construction. It perfectly complemented the projects of houses in the style of a modern barn or bungalow, but also looked great in frankly classic versions. The effect was best when the anthracite windows were paired with an equally dark and elegant roof.

Based on new home projects, anthracite windows will continue to be popular in the coming months. People who like proven aesthetic solutions will stop at them. However, those who are not afraid to experiment will change the dark gray color to light shades of this color. Which? Agate windows are especially favored by architects. They have an ash-gray tint, close to the color of the outer shell of this semi-precious stone. Light and “pure” gray, like white, adds lightness to the building. Light frames, in accordance with the laws of optics, also allow much more light to enter the interior.

Sophistication and design – black windows

Window Colors 2025

In recent years, anthracite has been pushed down from its pedestal by black windows. The dark frame contrasts beautifully with the background of the light walls of the building. This effect is desirable especially in the case of loft-style buildings, which are so fashionable today. Black window frames, especially in combination with slatted bars, really make the building more designer and give it a high status.

There are many reasons for the growing popularity of black windows. Black goes well with any color. Black windows can therefore be adapted to almost any façade as well as to every style of interior design. Black has always been synonymous with elegance. It can be easily adapted not only to single-family houses, but also to office buildings and apartment buildings. At the same time, black windows harmonize well not only with the industrial style, but also with the modern one.

Expressiveness and naturalness – brown windows

Window Colors 2025

Among the fashionable window palette of 2025 for PVC profiles, shades of brown cannot be ignored. Window films that imitate natural wood well are ideal for single and multi-family houses with a classic shape and style. They can also be successfully used in projects of modern barn-type houses.

What shades of brown are the most popular today? Of course, those found in nature are not very saturated and appear slightly smoky or discolored. Sheffield oak and malt oak are among the trendiest window colors 2025. The architects also favor darker hues such as swamp oak and burnt wood. It is worth noting that in 2025 wood decors for PVC windows should have a characteristic wood structure, that is, a convex and visible texture.

Windows are bought not for one season

Although today there is great freedom of choice in terms of window color, designers mainly rely on timeless solutions: Designers recommend sticking to muted colors of products, which guarantees that they will not go out of style for many years. It can be classic white or black, shades of gray or imitation of natural materials.

It is important that modern production allows you to create windows of various colors from the interior and exterior. This is ensured by the technology of double-sided lamination, which even more allows you to reveal the aesthetic potential of glazing from all angles. This choice of PVC window frames provides a wide range of possibilities in terms of exterior design and in terms of layout with other materials.

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