The Best Exterior Paint Colors for 2025

The exterior of your home says more about your personality and taste than you think. The color in which it is painted creates the first impression of your family, so choosing the perfect shade for the exterior house can be a challenge for perfectionists and a real adventure for aesthetic lovers.

The Best Exterior Paint Colors for 2025

If you’ve been thinking about an exterior makeover for your home but kept putting it off, 2025 is the perfect time to tackle it. New exterior paint colors 2025 show that the world of flowers is about to change massively. Keep up with fashion and use this opportunity to enter the new season fresh.

Exterior Paint Colors 2025: Neutral Shades

The new era of design includes bolder colors that express emotion and personality. However, safety can only be found in classics, which are made up of timeless neutrals and never go out of style. If you want your exterior paint color to stay the same over time, stand the test of time and weather, and go with any color combination, neutral colors are the way to go.


The Best Exterior Paint Colors for 2025

Benjamin Moore’s off-white OC-117 shade is perfect for the façade thanks to its subtle yellow hue that conveys a charming soft appeal and hospitality.

Shoji White SW 7042 by Sherwin-Williams is a time-honored white paint that balances white, gray and creamy beige undertones behind a versatile shade that suits any exterior style.

Polar Bear 75 by Behr is a stunning warm paint color with a pinkish undertone, just like polar bear fur.

Dulux’s versatile Casper White Quarter shows warmth with a neutral base that pairs with any design, including dark and light colors.


The Best Exterior Paint Colors for 2025

An extravagant and deep gray color, diluted with soft and warm green hues, creates a rich shade of Kendall Charcoal HC-166 from Benjamin Moore. This is one of the best gray colors for exterior house painting and will pair perfectly with light finishes.

Another hot trend from Benjamin Moore is the Revere Pewter HC-172. Considered beige due to its undertones, this impressive shade of medium to light gray is a real find for color lovers. Unlike today’s bright grays, this one is soft and cozy, lending a distinct rustic touch to both modern and traditional exteriors.

At first glance, the neutral SW 7050 from Sherwin-Willimas may seem to be devoid of midtones. But, as soon as warm sunlight hits it, the paint is perceived softer and more pleasant. This is the right shade of gray to stick with if you’re not sure which variation of this color suits you best.

Blue-gray SW 6235 from Sherwin-Williams is reminiscent of an overcast day with intense fog. The color is quite rich and deep and is a majestic source of noble style, especially when paired with white trim or bright contrasts.

Cracked Pepper PPU18-1 by Behr looks more like black but is considered an intense dark grey. A shade that all designers are crazy about. It is so intriguing and unusual that any home exterior will look dynamic and luxurious.

Among light and dark grays, Teahouse by Dulux sits somewhere in between. Unlike blue-cold or beige-warm shades, it is a true variant of gray with a bright base, which can look relatively dark, but is exceptionally modern.


The Best Exterior Paint Colors for 2025

Collingwood OC-28 by Benjamin Moore is a light beige that is a gorgeous blend of beige and grey. However, when applied to the front of a house, the shade takes on a pale and warm look, reaching such a level that it can be a more charming alternative to white.

Sherwin-Williams Navajo White SW 6126 is a creamy beige shade with a fairly light base without undertones that looks especially good when fully interacting with sunlight. And Behr’s YL-W11 is a neutral taupe with no hints of green. Quite intense yet versatile enough to pair with colors of different temperatures and variations.

New paint colors 2025: Natural shades

From deep blues and rich greens to 2025’s top color trends of earthy hues, the natural color choices for the coming season are larger than ever, ranging from old gems with timeless vistas to new diamonds from the modern design era.

Earth tones

Exterior Paint Colors 2025

Sherwin-Williams Red-end Point SW 9081 clay brown with pink undertones is the best earthy exterior paint color for a home. It’s intense enough to grab attention and surprisingly soft to go with any style.

Behr’s Vermilion S150-5, with its soothing dusty veil, creates a gorgeous, majestic color for classic homes with intricate finishes and prominent rooftops.

Terracotta Cinnamon Sand by Dulux with earthy orange traces is a favorite exterior paint color among designers, exuding an Italian home vibe and pairing just as well with ultra-modern architectural elements.

And Basset Brown by Dulux is a brown paint with a hint of earthy warmth. The perfect color for country cottage-style wooden houses: the natural grain of the wood and the brown color are impressively combined in the exterior of the house.


Exterior Paint Colors 2025

Benjamin Moore’s most popular navy shade Hale Navy HC-154 tops the trendy blue house exterior paint category in 2025. Dark blue is definitely a win-win option.

Dulux’s noble light blue Pure Blue Half is most often used by designers for coastal home exteriors, although it is suitable for other styles. However, it may lose some of its intensity when interacting directly with sunlight, although the blue base remains unchanged.

The transitional blue-green Kimberley Sea by Dulux is the new favorite of those who like to experiment with bold colors. This cool turquoise is perfect for traditional and daring exteriors.


Exterior Paint Colors 2025

A subtle grey-green splash of neutral color in Benjamin Moore’s Weekend Getaway 473 replaces the grey, which has been dominant for quite some time and may seem boring to some. The tone merges well with the natural background.

Another grey-green Conifer Green PPU10-19 from Behr will be much darker and even more neutral, although warm sun rays and greenery outside can affect its cool surface and soften it a bit.

This Stilted Stalks cake from Dulux has more than one cherry. This is another find for those who want a really trendy exterior paint colors in 2025. Olive green with warm undertones is a great replacement for the usual green hues.

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