New Wallpaper Trends 2025

Use these inspiring 2025 wallpaper trends to update your space with refreshing pattern, color and texture.

New Wallpaper Trends 2025

Get started on the latest wallpaper design trends 2025 with our roundup of the best looks and collections that will dominate 2025.

No matter your style or the size of your home, there is something to suit everyone, from traditional colors and patterns to modern geometric, tropical or animal motifs, architectural fantasies.

Wallpaper can beautifully transform a room with eye-catching color, dynamic pattern and eye-catching texture, allowing you to create and design a space that truly reflects your personal style. Advances in new wallpaper printing and finishing techniques are constantly pushing the boundaries, making wallpaper trends more exciting than ever.

13 Favorite Wallpaper Trends For 2025

Gone are the days of just printing on paper. Now you can decorate your walls with cork wallpaper, plant and silk textures, and almost any image can be imprinted on them.

1. Choose a design with interesting artistic image

New Wallpaper Trends 2025

Wallpaper works just like a piece of art that hangs proudly on the wall. They can add interesting color, shape and pattern to your space, and serve as an attractive talking point when people first enter the room.

To further enhance this artistic connection, choose a wallpaper print that will highlight or highlight a unique artistic scene. This beautiful mural features a modern abstract take on a still life scene that adds unique intrigue and artistic flair to this entryway.

2. Add elegant details with a wallpaper frame

New Wallpaper Trends 2025

Wallpaper borders are back and they will be a big trend in 2025.

Historically, wallpaper borders were used to hide imperfections and cracks in walls rather than for decoration. With the resurgence of borders used in homes in the 1980s, often in floral and botanical prints, borders became more decorative than practical and now they are back again, with a variety of stylish and unique prints to choose from.

At the top, the wallpaper border not only creates a beautiful contrast with the blue-painted walls, it elegantly highlights the door and skirting boards, and complements the dark wood and brown palette used for the furniture, rugs and lighting.

Borders have been used for many years to elevate even the simplest of rooms, adding detail and lightness. They can be a bright accent to a boring room, adding color and interest to the walls, creating contrast or complementing the room, because wallpapering them requires less effort than wallpapering the entire room. They can be placed in any part of the wall: both at the top and in the middle. They can add graphicness and rigor to the room. The possibilities with them are endless.

3. Striped wallpaper

Wallpaper Trends 2025

Over the past few years there has been a huge surge in the variety of wallpaper designs. But many people still prefer classic, simple patterns, striped or checkered wallpaper. This trend can be seen across all areas of interior design, from wallpaper to upholstery, rugs and rugs. Striped finishes always create a timeless look.

Still going strong in 2025, striped wallpaper can create a sophisticated, elegant look in the home. Stripes have a rich history and transcend trends in interior design and fashion. Classic Breton stripes and BURBERRY checks will be at the peak of fashion for a long time.

Using striped wallpaper can be a great start if you want to introduce a more subtle pattern rather than a busy print into your space – shown wonderfully above with the inspiring palette of pink hues used in this striped design. Vertical stripes also help to visually increase the height of your room.

4. Add a tactile touch with textured wallpaper

Wallpaper Trends 2025

Gone are the days when wallpaper was a one-dimensional piece of paper on the wall. As printing technology advances, the number of surfaces that can be printed on increases, and the variety of materials used to create wallpaper is constantly changing.

One of the coolest trends in wallpaper is adding texture to your walls. Wallpaper and fabrics with dense patterns, fleecy wool, matte fringe – these textures will be in abundance in 2025. Such coverings beckon us to reach out and touch them, to feel their warmth.

Made from natural leaf fibers, this wallpaper creates an organic, rustic look that feels simple, natural and wonderfully calming.

5. Apply wallpaper on the “fifth wall”

Wallpaper Trends 2025

A trend we’re seeing more and more throughout 2024, and which will continue into 2025, is wallpapering ceilings.

This will help create a dynamic and exciting look. For so long, ceilings have been ignored when it comes to wallpaper and colored paint. But now, by decorating this surface with an interesting pattern or color, you can change the geometry of the space, “raise or lower” the ceiling, create a “box” effect in the room, which can make this room look absolutely luxurious.

Small, compressed spaces, such as a bathroom or pantry, are especially suitable for such bold experiments. As we see in this striking little bathroom. The space is covered from top to bottom with a cotton and linen print that has a paper backing, allowing it to “breathe.”

6. A little luxury metallic

Wallpaper Trends 2025

Very often we try to avoid dark colors, as this often makes the room seem dark and dull.

However, with eclectic use of space, the right color accents, furniture and good lighting, deep royal blues, moody metallics and luxurious emerald greens can create a luxurious effect.

The wallpaper image shown above is a beautifully illustrated large scale print of flowers intertwined with sweeping snakes in a silver hue, luxuriously adorned with floral designs on a gold background. Despite the dark colors of the curtains and sofa, and the lack of other accessories, we can evaluate the design of this room as luxurious.

Gilded interiors are definitely experiencing a renaissance. Gold as a color maintains a natural, organic connection to the earth, helping to create warm, calming and inspiring interiors.

7. Return to picture wall panels

Wallpaper 2025

Scenic landscape wall mural ideas are one of the biggest stories in wallpaper trends for 2025. Surprisingly atmospheric and evocative, a stunning wall painting will transform and capture the imagination.

You don’t have to be an artist when it comes to decorating your walls with pictures. There are other ways to apply images to walls: these can be photo wallpapers, wall murals, banners, etc. Paintings with three-dimensional images can create the effect of increased space even in small rooms.

A panoramic mural can not only transport you to another place (both figuratively and literally!), but it can also blur the lines between the inside and outside of a room.

To create a relaxing environment, refer to images that are pleasant to you, such as the coastal shore, sunny summer, summer cafe, etc. Through these images, you can bring yourself closer to your dream, such as a trip to Paris.

8. Maximum full scale figure

Wallpaper 2025

Maximalism is an interior design trend that’s gaining momentum, and we predict this bold look will stay with us forever.

But decorating a room in this style is very difficult. We must not “overdo it.” After all, every thing in the interior requires its own frame. In bold contrast to the understated decor, this living room reveals the wild side of the design world. A wall of finely patterned panels, an exciting mix of leopard prints, pleating, and stars, stripes and metallic skins, demonstrates that more can be more.

9. Consider the abundance of colors

Wallpaper 2025

Floral room decor can be adapted to any space, be it vintage, retro or modern. This win-win solution has no time limit. Since ancient times, interiors have been decorated with flowers.

Start by thinking about color. The palette you choose will guide your decisions when choosing floral designs and will serve as the basis for unifying your scheme.

When creating floral prints in your home, think about the scale of the flowers in the patterns. Large prints can look good in a spacious room, but in a small room it is better to use wallpaper with small flowers. Therefore, choose prints with colors that suit your room.

10. Eco-friendly

Wallpaper 2025

Sustainability will also be at the forefront of our minds in 2025, and this trend will only increase over time. Growing awareness of the limitations of our natural resources has led to conscious consumption, with an increased desire to repair, repurpose and recycle.

Attention is paid to the use of natural and woven materials, the shelf life of which is noticeably increased. A floral print on the wallpaper can be a nice bonus.

11. Choose effective graphics

Wallpaper 2025

In modern design, clear lines and simple forms without unnecessary decoration are increasingly used. The ideas of functionality and practicality are put at the forefront. The same trends can be seen in wallpaper design. There are more and more drawings with graphic design. Graphic drawings are clearer and more structured, and they better facilitate the organization of systems of order and control in all areas of life.

12. Create the perfect layout with wall panels

Wallpaper 2025

Decorating a bedroom with wallpaper panels is a very good solution if you live in an old house or want to add character and relief to a simple space. Well-chosen colors and prints can highlight the functionality of a room.

What wallpaper will suit your interior?

It’s difficult to pinpoint which style or pattern is the most popular. When it comes to choosing wallpaper for your room, you need to be guided by the peculiarities of your perception of the world. After all, you are the one who is surrounded by these walls most of the time.

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