New Interior wallpaper 2025: 8 Top Trends

Despite manufacturers regularly updating their range of finishing materials and the emergence of new innovative finishes, wallpaper continues to remain the most popular and affordable solution for apartments and houses. Therefore, every year designers offer new wallpaper prints and options for their use. In 2025, gradient and metallic colors, as well as voluminous prints and geometric patterns, are trendy. Below we will consider the presented wallpaper trends 2025 in more detail.

New wallpaper trends 2025

Last season, wallpapers with environmental themes were at the peak of popularity. In 2025, the trend remains relevant, so the choice in favor of natural materials and natural colors, as well as patterns, will be correct. At the same time, we should not forget that in rooms intended for relaxation it is better to glue wallpaper in soothing colors with a minimalist pattern that will not interfere with complete relaxation.


New Interior wallpaper 2025

The fashionable clothing and manicure trend has now moved into wall decoration, so wallpaper with a smooth transition from one color to another will be an interesting and fashionable solution for 2025. The most attractive solution this season is the surface of the water. In this case, we mean natural shades of blue, azure, light blue, turquoise and other marine shades. Thus, two trends of the season are combined – gradient and environmental friendliness.

However, when decorating the walls with a gradient, you should be more careful about the ceiling covering. Its color should be neutral so as not to draw attention to itself and spoil the effect.

Another attractive solution for gradient wallpaper is covering an accent wall. The remaining surfaces are decorated with neutral materials. And curtains, upholstered furniture and rugs can be combined with accent colors.


wallpaper 2025

The metallic shine of the wallpaper is suitable for rooms decorated in a minimalist style, in loft design and for different bedrooms. Metallic goes well with black trim and accessories, as well as with matte surfaces of headsets and appliances, for example.

Monochrome finish

wallpaper 2025

Black and white colors will never lose their relevance, as these classic colors can be combined with any style, shade and materials. However, the most relevant interior for a black and white palette is Scandinavian, which can be diluted with slightly noticeable natural tones: beige, light green, blue, gray.

But in a modern design, monochrome wallpaper will look better. For example, from different shades of gray, combined with black and white, as well as from beige, brown, sand and other warm colors of the same range.

3D prints

wallpaper 2025

It is believed that volumetric patterns are a thing of the past. Although manufacturers continue to offer 3D options for walls with only one amendment: concrete designs, such as a lion family, are no longer in fashion, but an abstract print looks dynamic and creative in the interior. These could be geometric designs, abstractions or imitation of space, for example.

Neon design

wallpaper trends 2025

Fans of originality will certainly appreciate glow-in-the-dark wallpaper. The effect is possible thanks to the fluorescent composition applied to the finishing surface. It glows in the dark, giving the interior an unusual charm. This wallpaper is suitable for children’s rooms, bedrooms and living rooms.

In the first case, coverings help children overcome their fear of the dark, and in the second, they help create a romantic atmosphere. Finally, in the living room, luminous wallpaper will have a calming effect, not a depressing one. Especially when it comes to dark-colored wallpaper.

Striped pattern

wallpaper trends 2025

Striped patterns are not only at the peak of popularity now, they are an excellent solution at all times if you need to adjust the visual perception of a room. For example, stripes located vertically make the room narrow, but raise the ceiling, and a horizontal pattern expands the room, but makes the ceiling lower. An unusual and voluminous effect is created by zigzag stripes.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the color of the stripes. So, white, black and red stripes are suitable for retro style, but for art deco it is better to choose other print colors.

Liquid wallpaper

wallpaper trends 2025

Liquid wallpaper is back in trend, and this is largely due to the fact that they do not require special preparation or leveling of the walls. Wallpaper hides small cracks and chips well. In addition, they are not difficult to apply – even a simple layman can do it. And so that the walls do not seem too simple and boring, it is worth adding glitter to the solution. This way you can add shine to the walls and follow another trend – the metallic effect.

Fashionable shade

wallpaper trends 2025

Color, like some prints, also affects visual perception and creates one or another effect. For example, dark wallpaper color is not suitable for small rooms, as it makes them gloomy and even more cramped.

While a light palette will help create a spacious and airy space, it will visually enlarge the room and allow you to use more bright colors.

  • Fashionable interior colors include blue and its variations. Due to the fact that the color is characterized as cold, it is better to use it in rooms with good natural and artificial lighting.
  • The universal beige, gray, sand and white colors do not lose their relevance. They are characterized by high combinatorial properties and are suitable for rooms with any theme: from office interiors to cozy home design.
  • Finally, the above-mentioned natural shades also remain at the peak of popularity. These include: graphite, pistachio, mustard, emerald, terracotta.

However, the color palette should match the preferences of the inhabitants of the room. If the owners of the room do not like green, then no fashion should influence this opinion. Otherwise, the person will not feel comfortable being in this room.

One way or another, there are quite a few different wallpaper options in fashion, among which it is not difficult to choose the most suitable for a particular case. Moreover, different solutions, colors and styles can be suitable for each room, which will certainly appeal to energetic people who are afraid of boring interiors.

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