Flooring trends 2025: which floors are in fashion?

In the last century, parquet floors were considered luxurious, then everyone began to “chase” linoleum, which in those days seemed elegant, then laminate appeared. Both flooring materials, colors, textures, and designs are constantly changing. Let’s look at what new interior designers have come up with for flooring trends in 2025 in this article.

Flooring trends 2025

The floor is an important part of the interior. It affects the appearance of each room and creates a certain atmosphere in the house. When choosing a floor covering, remember that all interior elements should be correctly combined with it to create a cozy and pleasant environment.

Floors must correspond to the lifestyle of people living in an apartment or country house, fit into the overall design and meet fashion trends. Then the housing will look not only beautiful and stylish, but also modern.

Top 6 flooring trends 2025

The fashion for flooring changes every year, as new production standards emerge, trends that influence our tastes in design, and technology develops, which provides the emergence of a variety of materials for flooring.

Modern floor coverings will help transform the interior, effectively zone the space, and emphasize status and individuality. Let’s look at what floors will be in fashion in 2025 below.

Current materials for finishing and decorating floors:

1. Natural wood

Natural wood floors

Natural wood is a classic. This coating is environmentally friendly, retains heat well, is durable and looks noble. Popular are parquet and parquet boards with a pronounced wood pattern, with an uneven arrangement of fibers, and distortions in the color scheme (uneven tone).

2. Bleached wood

Bleached wood floors

In 2025, flooring manufacturers decided to move away from the natural brown color, replacing it with softer shades. Therefore, one of the trends of the season is the use of bleached wood effect. It is achieved by removing the natural brown tone with special chemicals. After treatment, the floor acquires a soft shade with a slight worn effect.

In addition to the decorative component, such flooring also has practical benefits. Bleached wood brightens the room and softens its overall atmosphere. The neutral shade goes well with furniture and wall decoration in the same style.

3. Aged wood

Aged wood floors

The distressed effect of wooden flooring remains relevant in 2025. This solution is perfect for a room decorated in a rustic style, and is also used if you want to give the living space a vintage look. The degree of aging, shade and texture can be selected according to your taste and in accordance with the design of the room.

4. Concrete, stone imitation

Concrete, stone imitation floors

In modern design, calm shades, materials reminiscent of untreated floors, and uneven surfaces are increasingly being chosen. That’s why a new trend like concrete tiles has emerged. Its neutral color and uneven texture make it interesting to decorate living rooms, bathrooms and dining rooms. The material is suitable for modern interiors and industrial-style rooms. Imitation of natural stone is also relevant. Manufacturers offer many options for laminate and vinyl with this effect, which allows you to create an original design using wear-resistant products that are pleasant to the touch instead of cold materials.

5. Graphic tile

Graphic tile floors

Tile graphics and patterns are trending in 2025. The fact is that a floor with such effects balances the design of the room, gives rhythm, and focuses attention on the interior elements that you want to highlight. In this case, the geometric shape may not be traditionally square. It is allowed to use elements of different sizes, with a repeating pattern or in the form of puzzles. Graphic tiles can be selected for any room and style, including both a non-standard extravagant interior and a calm, cozy environment. This is the versatility of patterned flooring.

6. Ceramic granite

Ceramic granite floors

Porcelain tiles are suitable for decorating a room in a classic style. The various shapes and patterns of this material allow you to realize the most daring ideas. Popular types are hexagonal tiles, chevron and herringbone. However, you can choose any other shape you need. This also applies to texture and color.

If you are interested in curly styling and durable, safe materials, you can choose laminate. It allows you to form different patterns on the floor, thereby adding uniqueness to the interior.

When choosing a floor covering, remember that it should be harmoniously combined with walls, doors, and decorative elements. With its help, you can create a soft, unobtrusive atmosphere in the room, effectively zone the space, or make an interesting accent by playing on contrast. But even if you use bright colors and unusual materials, keep in mind that they should not be annoying, so combine them wisely.

What floor color is trending in 2025?

floor color trends 2025

The popularity of neutral, natural shades in interior design will continue into the new season. The classic black color will be replaced by soft grays and other light colors.

What color to choose for the floor:

  • White or its variations (cream, almond, ivory, ivory, etc.) – goes well with different styles, softens the atmosphere, makes the room lighter and visually more spacious.
  • Classic gray is universal because it can be combined with various shades and helps to stylishly decorate a space.
  • Noble walnut – pleasant to the eye, creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

When choosing the color of the flooring, avoid saturated and aggressive shades. Strive for a natural and organic design. Bright colors, such as red, can only be used in spots if you decide to make an accent, but they should be combined with other colors in the design.

Selecting decor for flooring

decor for flooring

2025 offers various floor decoration options. Most of the current patterns were popular earlier. Now they again occupy a leading position, but in updated variations. Therefore, you can use traditional designs and at the same time give the room a modern look.

Flooring Design Trends:

  • Classic pattern. Flooring, in particular laminate, can be laid diagonally, horizontally, in squares, or in decks, thereby forming a beautiful, elegant pattern without unnecessary pathos.
  • Herringbone or chevron. Laying slats or tiles at an angle to each other allows you to get a beautiful floor, and using different shades and textures will make it original. Such patterns give the floor visual volume and look noble.
  • Original drawing. To get a unique interior, you can use stencils, non-standard combinations of textures and colors, a combination of wide and narrow stripes, and add spot-on bright colors. Such techniques allow you to create interesting patterns on the floor that attract attention and reflect the character of the people living in the house.

The decor of the flooring should correspond to the overall design and purpose of the room. Large designs should be used only in spacious rooms. They look good in living rooms, kitchens and children’s rooms. And for small rooms it is better to choose something simpler so that the situation does not oppress. You also cannot mix two polar styles. For example, a luxurious floor pattern is unlikely to fit into a minimalist design, just as a discreet flooring with a gray herringbone will not harmoniously combine with an empire or fusion style.

Fashionable flooring for different rooms

All floor coverings have their own operational and design features. Some materials, due to their water-repellent properties, are suitable for the bathroom and kitchen, others, due to their strength, are suitable for rooms with heavy loads, and others, due to their aesthetic appearance, are suitable for decorating bedrooms and living rooms. Therefore, in order to make the best choice, it is necessary to take into account the purpose of the room.

Which floors are best for different rooms:

  • Fashionable flooring for the kitchen in 2025 is selected taking into account high traffic and high humidity. Consider porcelain flooring, vinyl tile or laminate flooring. These materials are durable, wear-resistant, protected from moisture and damage. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of colors and patterns, but imitation wood, stone, marble, and concrete remain current options.

kitchen flooring

  • Modern bathroom flooring is always selected taking into account high humidity. It must be hygienic, with antiseptic impregnation, and not slippery. Therefore, the best option is ceramic tiles or quartz-vinyl. There are several options for shapes and shades. For the bathroom, rich colors such as black, red or green are allowed, as well as decorative tiles in the terrazzo, fish scale or mosaic style.

bathroom flooring

  • The actual floor for the living room is a very important element of the interior, since the hall is the calling card of the house. You need to choose a material taking into account practicality and aesthetics, so that it can withstand high loads and have an attractive appearance. To perform these tasks, a classic and textured laminate that imitates natural material, parquet or parquet boards, is suitable.

living room floors

  • Choosing flooring for the bedroom requires a special approach. Since this room is intended for relaxation and sleep, natural materials and soothing colors are suitable. Pay attention to vintage parquet, parquet with strips of different lengths, material laid using the chevron technique, laminate with imitation of natural wood. To achieve a cozy atmosphere and make the room brighter, use bleached wood or bleached wood effect laminate for your bedroom flooring.

flooring for the bedroom

  • Laminate is suitable for a children’s room, as it goes well with different floor heating systems, quartz vinyl laminate, parquet boards. These materials are wear-resistant, moisture-resistant, insulate noise, and are pleasant to the touch. It is comfortable to walk on them barefoot. In addition, the variety of decor that manufacturers offer allows you to choose a floor covering with a theme that is interesting to the child.

flooring for children's room

  • When decorating the dining room floor, practicality and ease of maintenance are important. Therefore, for a room intended for eating, choose concrete tiles with a light texture that is easy to care for, vinyl flooring or waterproof laminate. You can also use a hexagonal slab with natural shades for eco-design or bright wood. If you are unsure how to position tiles or slats, use the universal herringbone technique or call us for advice.

dining room floor

  • When choosing flooring for a hallway, you need to understand that this is a high-traffic area. Here, first of all, you need to pay attention to durable, wear-resistant, moisture-repellent and easy-to-care materials. The most suitable way is to use linoleum or vinyl flooring. However, if these materials do not match the style in which your apartment is decorated, you can choose laminate or parquet boards. The products are resistant to mechanical damage and moisture. It is better to lay a coating that imitates natural materials, but you can choose another option.

flooring for a hallway

  • If we are talking about a store or office, the flooring for these premises must be wear-resistant and solid. Laminate and vinyl are durable and presentable. These materials look high-status, are resistant to impacts, mechanical damage, wear, and can withstand heavy loads and high traffic levels.

office floors

In 2025, manufacturers offer a large selection of flooring to suit any budget. Taking into account trends, you can choose materials with luxurious decor, painted in expensive deep colors, as well as use cheaper options that are of good quality and harmoniously blend into the overall design.

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