Modern curtains 2025: trends and anti-trends

Do you want to change your curtains in the new year 2025? Find out how to choose modern curtains that won’t go out of date.

Modern curtains 2025

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Curtains are not only protection from the sun and prying eyes. This is one of the most important elements of any interior. They can distract attention from poor design decisions or make a beautiful room look dated and out of date.

How to choose modern curtains in 2025? We tell you what designers advise you to look at.

Curtain materials 2025: as close to nature as possible

The main trend in modern curtains in 2025-2026 has not changed. Designers are calling for creating eco-friendly, safe, “green” interiors. Everything in them should be made from natural or at least recycled materials.

Fashionable curtains that meet this trend are made from light cotton, thick linen or even silk.

Natural textured materials, for example, slightly rough untreated linen, are especially popular.

Sometimes, to transform the interior into a more “green” one, it’s enough to add a few natural textures.

Natural fabrics are pleasant to the touch and look great in the store. But they wrinkle very quickly, can shrink after washing, and fade in the sun much earlier than modern synthetics.

Mixed fabrics are a compromise between comfort and fashion. They look almost natural, even repeating the texture of the fibers. But caring for them is much easier. And you won’t have to change them every year.

Curtain materials 2025

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Curtain colors 2025: nothing poisonous

Closeness to nature should be reflected in the choice of color. Designers say no to neon and flashy colors.

Below we have collected photos of fashion trends in curtain design in 2025. The good news is that you can easily find the right shade for any interior style.


White Curtain colors 2025

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One of the main trends of the last few years is white translucent curtains.

They will look great in any interior where the same shade of white is used at least once in the design.

Very popular among fans of Scandinavian or minimalist interiors with white walls.

Laconic monochrome textiles can also fit into a neoclassical interior. For it, choose a denser fabric that lies in large soft folds.


The trend in interior design over the past few years has been monochrome interiors in gray and white tones. They include shades of ash, gray rain clouds.

Cool colors provide a feeling of spaciousness and air. Curtains are selected in the same range, slightly lighter or darker than the walls.

But since gray is considered universal, it can be used even in colored spaces, not only in monochrome.

Shades of beige and brown

Neutral coffee with milk, sandy, dusty beige or rich brown are pleasing to the eye and do not irritate it.

Shades of beige and brown curtains

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Designers often choose warm colors to create a feeling of space flooded with sunlight.

Shades of blue

Turquoise or sea wave fits perfectly into the trend towards naturalness and naturalness.

Psychologists believe that they create a peaceful environment and help you relax. Blue and light blue are easy to combine with gray or beige walls.


There is perhaps no more natural shade than green.

To create a fashionable interior, any color is suitable, except for the too poisonous light green one. They, just like the previous blue ones, can act as a spectacular accent against the background of a calm finish.

Other natural colors

Trends allow the use of other curtain colors. But choose shades that are found in nature: terracotta, wine, soft pink.

To ensure they fit harmoniously into the space, use the chosen color elsewhere. For example, in the pattern of sofa cushions.

But don’t make all the textiles in the room the same color. This will make it look like a hotel room.

natural colors curtains 2025

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Curtain prints: acceptable, but not in all styles

Fashionable curtains are not necessarily plain. Patterns and designs chosen wisely will not make the interior outdated.

Abstract drawings

Trend of the past and upcoming season. Particularly popular is the small print, which almost blends into the background and creates the feeling of a variegated fabric.

Abstract drawings

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Large drawings also look relevant, but are more striking. Choose them if you want to draw attention to your windows.

Check, stripe and other geometries

A classic that never goes out of style.

Correctly chosen orientation of the pattern helps to visually raise the ceiling or expand the window opening.

curtains trends 2025

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Floral print

Flowers and leaves on fabric add a feeling of comfort to the interior and help you relax.

In addition, they fit perfectly into the trend for everything natural and natural.

Floral print curtains

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If you choose printed textiles, make sure that it matches your chosen interior style.

  • Provence and rustic style simply require floral curtains.
  • Soft minimalism allows for a subtle geometric pattern or small print that almost blends into the background.
  • For a neoclassical interior, plain curtains in a rich shade are more suitable.

If you choose printed or patterned drapes, make sure they match the space not only in style, but also in color.

It is advisable to repeat the shade of the background or pattern on the walls, in furniture upholstery, and other home textiles. And after renovation with a change in color scheme, the curtains will definitely have to be changed. There will be no such problem with whites.

When choosing curtains with a pattern, carefully look at their length and the height of the cornice. Bright fabric with a large pattern catches the eye and can visually lower the ceiling and make the room appear lower.

To avoid this, raise the cornice as high as possible towards the ceiling or even hide it behind it. And leave the fabric to fall all the way to the floor, with a minimum gap. This will make the walls appear higher.

Curtain length: full wall or to window sill

The right curtains can improve the proportions of a small or cramped room.

In rooms with low ceilings, it is better to use long curtains that cover the entire wall, covering both the floor plinth and the cornice.

Curtain length

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An alternative to classic long curtains is short Roman blinds with soft horizontal folds.

To create a feeling of comfort, choose models made from natural or similar fabrics and natural colors.

Fashion trends also allow the use of roller blinds. When choosing them, the same rules apply. Look for the most “natural” and “green” solution.

Choose models in which the plastic cornice holder is covered with canvas.

Modern curtains 2025: the simpler the better

The main window decoration in 2025 should be high-quality fabric lying in beautiful vertical or horizontal folds.

There is no need to supplement it with overlays on the cornice, openwork edges or bows.

An acceptable decorative element is a loop that holds the assembled night curtains during the day. It is sewn from the same or matching color fabric.

Modern curtains 2025

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Multi-layered or asymmetrical curtains laid diagonally also went out of fashion. To decorate a window opening, one canvas is enough.

And do not try to smooth its folds to sharp corners. The fabric should lie as freely and naturally as possible.

Without curtains: fashion trend 2025

Don’t want to buy new fashionable curtains in 2025? Then just remove the old ones!

Without curtains

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Refusal of tulle and curtains is one of the trends of the past and the coming year.

Designers suggest creating bright interiors in warm colors, as if bathed in the sun. And any textile on the windows, even almost transparent ones, eats up some of the light.

If you are not yet ready to give up curtains in the bedroom and living room, bring the trend to life in the kitchen. Here, any textile is quickly saturated with the smells of food and kitchen fumes.

And the one hanging on the window behind the sink is also covered in water stains. Remove the curtains in the kitchen and forget about frequent washing.

Owners of their own home behind a high fence can safely refuse curtains in the living room, especially if it faces the garden or forest.

The windows will become beautiful landscapes that change depending on the time of year.

Anti-trends: 4 ways to ruin a beautiful interior

Fashion trends for curtains in 2025 are very democratic. Designers suggest starting from the interior style, and not from trends.

For a cottage in the spirit of an English country house, choose chintz curtains with large or small flowers. And for a minimalist or Scandinavian interior of a city apartment – curtains made of milky, beige, light gray cotton or linen.

You can easily fit into trends by choosing textiles for window decoration in natural shades, made from natural materials or skillfully imitating them.

But there are several details that will make any interior old-fashioned.

  • Large decorative elements. Say a firm no to lambrequins, pendants with rhinestones, large bows and other lush decor in 2025. Interior designers suggest abandoning the flashy and bright in favor of the so-called quiet luxury. Its hallmarks are not brilliance, sparkle and splendor, but high quality in every detail and elegant simplicity.
  • Synthetic poisonous flowers with an unnatural shine. Not everyone likes 100% natural fabrics in curtain design. They are difficult to care for and lose their beauty faster than synthetics. But even among artificial and mixed fabrics you can find textures and colors similar to natural ones. Just avoid artificial silk, which glares too much in the sun, and colors not found in nature. Everything else is acceptable.
  • Tulle with a pattern or openwork patterns. Trends 2025 allow windows to be decorated with plain or printed textiles. Thick night curtains are often decorated with stripes and flowers. And translucent daytime ones are left plain, often white or cream. What designers definitely urge you to give up is synthetic tulle with patterns, drawings, and openwork decor. It definitely won’t decorate your home.
  • Vertical blinds in a residential building. This is a practical solution, but makes the apartment look more like an office or hotel. Fabric that falls in soft folds is much better suited for a residential building. If you want to protect yourself from sunlight and prying eyes, use Roman or blackout roller blinds instead of blinds.

Choose roller shutters from fabrics that are as close to natural as possible, without drawings or photo printing.

Many modern designers suggest combining roller blinds and translucent long curtains in the same room. The first ones provide protection from the sun, the second ones create comfort. Try this idea again.

At the same time, horizontal blinds are a common solution in designer apartments.

Anti-trends curtains

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The main trend in design is individuality and an author’s approach. Everything in the interior, including curtains, should reflect the character of the owner, and not fashion trends.

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