Flooring trends: here are the must-haves for 2025

Flooring trends

The latest flooring trends are partly a confirmation of the 2024 trends but also feature interesting novelties and new moods. Colors, materials, finishes and formats are increasingly varied, and the search for those best suited to your project is even more exciting. After all, the floor is a substantial element, which not only has a fundamental function in the architecture of the house, but also has a significant influence on the overall style. That is why it is very important to know the technical characteristics of the material as well as the aesthetic effect that will be obtained. In both cases, the latest trends are a useful reference point to follow so as not to get lost in the great variety of proposals available. After all, fashion is always the mirror not only of taste but also of the lifestyle of the moment.

The materials: new stoneware finishes, the return of parquet and sustainable materials

Flooring trends

Among the confirmations of 2025 there is certainly the widespread use, for floors, of porcelain stoneware in all its finishes and formats. In particular, finishes inspired by the colors of the earth are in great demand, expression of a rediscovered desire for harmony with nature: earthy colors, soft shades of sand, shades of white and gray are the soft and relaxing solutions that they like now. This natural mood is also expressed in the return of authentic parquet, strictly deriving from certified forests: the sustainability of materials is in fact another key trend of 2025, in the choice of floors but not only. Within the parquet family, warm colors are sought, even dark ones, and worked surfaces that enhance the materiality of authentic wood. Among the essences, in addition to the classic oak, there are also other less known ones such as American walnut and cherry in even large formats, as we will see better later.

Colors: black, palette inspired by nature, material and light colors, small touches of bright colors

Flooring trends

Going more specifically to the color finishes of trendy floors today, an absolute new entry is black. Particularly worth reading in the large-format tiles in polished and sophisticated marquina marble-effect stoneware and in the gray / black concrete-effect tiles. But also in the classic cement tiles with geometric patterns in black on a white background, a manifesto of an informal elegance that always works. The tendency to choose material and therefore neutral colors is quite different, first of all beige, which is highly sought after for bathroom and kitchen floors in particular. Another growing color trend is the inclusion of small touches of more vibrant colors, through, for example, the installation of colored cement tiles with retro-inspired decorative motifs.

Large formats for the living area and bedroom, small for the bathroom

Flooring trends

As regards the new trends in terms of size, fashion wants floors made of tiles in large dimensions, practically throughout the house, often also for walls. The goal is to create continuous surfaces, with minimal and almost imperceptible joints. Beautiful to look at and easy to clean, large format tiles are a must for trendy environments: from a sophisticated living room to an open space with kitchen and up to the bedroom. In the bathroom, the trend is to combine the large format for the floor and walls with the mosaic, in the same finish, for the shower wall and in continuity with the shower tray. In this environment, the small brick effect format, or with a geometric design, is also very popular.

Geometric decorative motifs or natural effects

Flooring trends

Pure decoration: in 2025 the desire for floors and walls with a great visual effect returns, a response to the extreme minimalism that has spread in previous years. The design has character and stands out: from the geometric motifs inspired by the 60s, to the classic floral, to the tropical theme declined in a “jungle” key. This trend represents the real great fashion of this year: the wall covering with large format tiles with a wallpaper effect. For cheerful and colorful coverings, of great impact and with a strong character.

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