Trends 2025/2026: Main Trends in Kitchen Design

Main Trends in Kitchen Design 2025 2026 0

The kitchen is the most functional space of the apartment, so it should be modern and easy to use. Interior designer talks about how to make a kitchen stylish and fashionable in 2025.

A course in sustainability

Main Trends in Kitchen Design 2025 2026 0

Trend for sustainability (eco-concept of sustainable development) has become an integral part of modern design. In the coming seasons, the interior world will continue to look carefully towards natural and easily renewable materials that can last for decades.

When choosing a kitchen, give preference to wood and stone – they are durable, environmentally friendly and will be relevant for a long time. Pay attention to the material for the countertop: with a work surface or island made of natural stone, the kitchen instantly takes on a luxurious look even with the simplest facades.

Ecology and technology

Main Trends in Kitchen Design 2025 2026 0

The simplest step towards conscious consumption is to reduce the amount of plastic in your daily life. First of all, you should give up bottled water.. A modern solution for filtering tap water is water systems built under the sink. They are convenient to use, since tap and purified water flows from one faucet, and this is an aesthetic solution in terms of kitchen design. The system can supply light or strong carbonated water, and also allows you to adjust the temperature to suit the taste of family members.

Another step towards creating an eco-friendly space is to purchase a food waste disposer that fits into the kitchen sink opening.

We often pay attention to the choice of visible materials and furniture (facades and upholstery) and do not think about the technical equipment of the kitchen, although technology plays a key role from the point of view of the environment and a healthy lifestyle. For a long time, functions such as sous vide, vacuum sealing and blast freezing were available exclusively to professional chefs. But today, with the advent of compact devices for home use, these technologies have come to ordinary apartments.

Unifying space

Main Trends in Kitchen Design 2025 2026 0

In many homes, the kitchen becomes part of the living space, so it tends to be inconspicuous. The main trend is a minimum of details on the facades and the absence of upper cabinets. If you give up hanging cabinets and invest the freed-up money in drawers instead of hinged doors, the functional space of your kitchen will increase by 50%. You can leave space upstairs for art and beautiful glassware.

Single work surface

Main Trends in Kitchen Design 2025 2026 0

Interior designers are increasingly resorting to the decision to combine the worktop and kitchen apron with one material. This technique allows you to maintain clean lines and makes the perception of the interior more complete.

Active cabinet

Main Trends in Kitchen Design 2025 2026 0

This option is suitable for people who cook often. The wall area above the kitchen countertop is the most convenient place to store small kitchen utensils and spices. An “active” cabinet is a shallow cabinet hidden behind a sliding panel that opens with the movement of a hand or the press of a button – using an electric drive. The panel can be made of opaque glass, stainless steel, ceramics or wood.

Total white

Main Trends in Kitchen Design 2025 2026 0

This trend is not new, and now it is at its peak. White means all shades of off-white (with a colored undertone): ivory, milky, mother-of-pearl, eggshell color. Do not forget that such a “monochrome” interior is built on nuances. It is the combination of various textures – smooth, rough, textured surfaces and materials – that makes it non-sterile, deep and interesting.

Deep color and gloss

Main Trends in Kitchen Design 2025 2026 0

While white and all its shades are still popular, designers are turning to other colors to make the kitchen more personal. Among the trending kitchen colors for 2025 are dusty greens and blues, various herbal shades reminiscent of sage, rosemary, saffron and basil, sometimes even close to black, as well as soft terracotta and brown. When the color is complemented by an on-trend high-gloss finish, the entire kitchen takes on the appearance of a jewel box.

Mix of metals

Main Trends in Kitchen Design 2025 2026 0

In 2025, more different metals appeared in the kitchen, and metals will continue to “rule the show” – alone or in a mix (brushed and hand-polished white metals, stainless steel, nickel, brass, bronze, etc.). This variability allows you to make the kitchen more interesting and visually richer.

Active textures

Main Trends in Kitchen Design 2025 2026 0

There is also a growing interest in rough-looking, seemingly untreated surfaces, decorative plaster, textured tiles, and the combination of stone and wood in one space. The choice of these materials allows you to create tactile (literally) spaces, filling the kitchen interior with life.

Rounded shapes

kitchen 2025

Rounded elements have returned to kitchen design – this applies to both furniture and space architecture. There is a bonus here: a kitchen table or chairs with soft, streamlined shapes, for example, are also ergonomically more comfortable.

Vintage and antiques

kitchen 2025

The trend for vintage and antiques has opened the way for interiors with a high degree of customization. There’s a hint of nostalgia in the trendiest spaces right now. This applies not only to the visual design of the kitchen, but also to the choice of furniture. Now, when renovating, it is not necessary to get rid of old things: many of them are experiencing a renaissance, and “grandmother’s” sideboards are becoming the main accent of the interior.

Kitchen corners

kitchen 2025

“Sometimes they come back”: kitchen corners left in the past are increasingly being used by designers. But with an important addition: the shapes have become more laconic and cleaner, and the finishes of the seat and back have become more interesting and elegant.

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