Trends 2025/2026: Main Trends in Bathroom Design

The bathroom is the most frequently visited place in our home, and therefore it should not only be functional. Here we recharge our batteries, seek relaxation after a difficult day, relieve stress and sometimes just be left alone with our thoughts. Designer talks about what a fashionable bathroom should be like in 2025.

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Today’s trends and designs are inspired by the past; Creativity is the reinterpretation of pre-existing works. Interior design warmly welcomes the most popular trends, the most “fresh” stimuli, but needs to be reworked in accordance with general feelings and dominant needs.

A lot has changed in bathroom design since the past, now bathrooms don’t look like the old bathrooms we know. However, we must not forget that the past is as important as the present. Today’s trends and designs are inspired by the past; Creativity is the reinterpretation of pre-existing works. Interior design warmly welcomes the most popular trends, the most “fresh” stimuli, but needs to be reworked in accordance with general feelings and dominant needs.

The modern bathroom, which is comfortable and practical, moving away from the concept of mere “service”, presents it to us as an intimate space, expanding its function with well-being and relaxation today. The positions it as a stress-free place where people find time for themselves and take care of themselves.

Natural materials

Trends 2025/2026: Main Trends in Bathroom Design

The trend towards sustainability (the eco-concept of sustainable development) is an integral part of modern design. In 2025, the interior world will once again look carefully towards natural and easily renewable materials that can last for decades.

When decorating a bathroom give preference to natural materials – they are durable, environmentally friendly and do not lose their relevance. Stone, wood, glass, metal have surrounded people throughout history. Natural materials are perceived by us as something familiar and create a natural feeling of comfort, purity and harmony. For example, with a countertop made of natural stone, a bathtub instantly takes on a luxurious look. As a budget alternative, you can also use tiles or quartz that imitate natural marble.

“The pandemic has forced us to reconsider our views on the bathroom; now many people need a space that looks beautiful, unique, and original. Spectacular natural stone can add chic to your interior and show everyone that you have taste and style.”

Natural shades

Trends 2025/2026: Main Trends in Bathroom Design

The color scheme is always a matter of taste. But if we talk about trends in 2025, then Natural shades remain the basis of bathroom design. We are seeing a move away from minimalist off-white in favor of brighter and more layered combinations of natural earth tones: for example, soil, greenery, sand, such as chocolate brown, caramel, terracotta.

“Calm, neutral palettes will remain a popular choice for bathrooms throughout 2025, but I think we’ll start to see bolder colors emerge.”

Bathroom trends 2025/2026: Technologies

Trends 2025/2026: Main Trends in Bathroom Design

Modern technologies have long entered our lives. They make life easier. Useful devices such as a touch-sensitive faucet, a water-saving toilet, a remote-controlled water heater, smart light control, an integrated music speaker, etc. are a good investment that will create a new level of comfort.

The beauty of imperfection

Trends 2025/2026: Main Trends in Bathroom Design

In 2025, give preference to tactile sensations and the natural beauty of imperfectly smooth tiles and “aged” surfaces. There are more handmade, custom-made tiles in interiors – with all the irregularities, roughness, and uneven color. The design world is leaning towards natural and “living” textures so that bathrooms do not seem like a cold marble “mausoleum”. This is great news if your renovation budget doesn’t include natural stone.

Spa zone

Trends 2025/2026: Main Trends in Bathroom Design

The consequences of the pandemic have brought into our lives the trend of taking care of ourselves, our bodies and health. A spa area in the bathroom will enhance the experience of being in your own home: it can be a steam shower with aromatherapy or a hydromassage bathtub to make the bathroom feel like a spa. Even a modest shower head can play a role if you use more complex models with a hydromassage or rain shower mode. And smart features such as the DVT system allow you to program your individual shower with temperature and water pressure.

Mix and match bath / mix-match

Monochrome bathrooms no longer attract much attention, so they show resistance. The leading trend of 2025 speaks of the dynamism of the composition. Playing with colors, shapes and volumes, combining tiles and floors of different styles and sizes, reimagining spaces without losing sight of harmony to surprise…

There is also a throwback to the past, where bathtubs in the amarcord version combine the ready-made comfort of shower cubicles and Walk-In models (real indoor wellness spaces), as well as the familiar touch needed for heating. A very minimalist look with high-tech details, vanity tops with built-in bathtubs and high-gloss surfaces made from the latest generation materials.

Wood and organic materials

Among the 2025 bathroom furniture trends, we highlight the preference for organic and eco-friendly materials that bring us closer to nature and give us a feeling of well-being and lightness. Wood used in bathrooms creates a “sauna effect” that brings back pleasant images of wellness centers and a suggestive oriental atmosphere. With the use of wood in bathrooms we come to another trend in bathroom furniture; In 2022 we will see a strong rise in the Japanese style, and in 2025 even more so.

Japanese minimalism

Japandi style combines stylistic influences from Japan and Scandinavia. What the two “streams” have in common is a love for functional solutions that simplify everyday life and make space more comfortable and useful. Japandi style in bathrooms combines elegance, simplicity and warmth; It offers a minimalist look, warmed by wood and warm fabrics such as linen, jute, bamboo, and wicker. Floor-level shower trays, wall-hung furniture and sinks with built-in bathtubs complete a Japanese style bathroom with minimal furniture and fixtures.

Bathroom 2025: Trending colors

The 2025 bathroom color palette includes earthy tones and nuances. Sand, ocher, beige and brown tones, terracotta, orange tones, as well as timeless white, especially in warm tones, will come to the fore. Pastel colors will also predominate, especially for accessories and bath towels. In the eastern part, tones of red, green, turquoise and dark blue will come to the fore.

Using tiles in bathrooms? Yes or no?

In 2025, we’ll see the tile-free bathroom come to life. This trend actually stems from the need to find visual and stylistic continuity between all rooms in the house, including the bathroom. We can effectively protect walls with specialty bathroom paints such as water-based enamels, water-based and anti-condensation enamels, moisture-resistant and easy-to-clean trowel-based cements or wallpaper.

Wallpaper: unconventional bathroom

Bathroom wallpaper is the ideal solution for those who want to create a decorative wall that combines the productivity of a specific pattern or graphic theme with the functionality of new generation materials.


Custom furniture solutions have been an established trend for several years. Today, in addition to standardized compositions for bathrooms, people want to color them as they wish and enrich them by choosing additional products. A personal bathroom, all elements passing through details and accessories, from furniture to sanitary ware, are selected according to the structural characteristics of the environment and the special needs of those who will experience the bathroom.

Plants for every taste

Plants in the bathroom are certainly not new for 2025. Plants are always preferred for indoor use due to their beneficial properties in humid environments and their ability to enliven the environment in terms of color. However, it will be designs inspired by nature that will set the trend in 2025.


Nature’s love of life in the home, also affects the bathroom with indoor plants. Jungle style will be the undisputed hero of this 2025 bathroom trends. Decorations such as wallpaper and tiles will bring evocative images into the home, such as tropical trees and forests with large green leaves and suggestive colors. This special solution will also satisfy the needs of those who cannot add plants to the bathroom due to lack of space, and still provide the opportunity to admire the beauty of the forest without having them at home.

On the other hand, perhaps the most important thing besides trends is quality.

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