Kitchen 2025: New Trends and Colors

Kitchen Trends 2025

In addition to permanent highlights such as black kitchens and walnut, other trends can be discovered in furniture stores that offer interesting guidance when looking for the desired design. The trend styles Mid-Century and Scandifornia are just as varied as round trend shapes. In addition, the trend color beige and various social trends when buying a kitchen are still worth noting. These include sustainability concepts or urban gardening, home office kitchens and smart kitchens.

Kitchen trends 2025: Black kitchens and walnut

Kitchen Trends 2025

Black kitchens, like walnut, have recently become a long-term trend and will continue to be very popular in 2025. Dark and matte colors are considered extremely elegant. With their unique effect, black kitchen cabinets are the typical hallmark of a modern kitchen. In the meantime, this kitchen trend has even intensified because many homeowners only use dark colors when designing their kitchens. Designing a kitchen completely black is trendy. On the one hand, dark colors create a cozy atmosphere and, on the other hand, they look classy.

Black kitchen designs therefore offer a pleasant atmosphere, especially for a quiet weekend in your own four walls. Dark shades are particularly popular for extraordinarily large rooms and open-plan kitchens. In order for the design of the black kitchen to really come into its own, you have to have the right lighting installed. In addition, a reflective glass back wall with optical stretching, for example, enables attractive effects that make dark colors on the kitchen cabinets look more inviting. Because the dimensions and lighting conditions of the rooms have a decisive influence on the impression, kitchen owners should always ask for advice from experts on site if in doubt.

Walnut wood impresses with the elegance of the dark tones and creates a warm ambience in the kitchen. With its special grain, walnut looks very lively. Another advantage of walnut wood is the versatile combination options. There are quite a variety of kitchen designs that combine walnut with light shades. In addition to the appearance, the material properties of walnut are also a key reason for its popularity. This wood is both durable and stable. Small differences between walnut wood from different countries with reddish or violet coloring are definitely worth noting. With every walnut variant, however, you can expect the wood to darken over time.

If you want an eye-catching kitchen, choosing walnut wood is often an excellent choice. The typical color tones of the wood create very dominant impressions in every room. For this reason, walnut is particularly suitable for large kitchens, which appear somewhat more compact with this color choice. When it comes to possible combinations, walnut wood leaves nothing to be desired. Walnut complements light surfaces perfectly in many cases. A minimalist kitchen design can be implemented just as easily as a rustic country house style or other ideas. Walnut is a tried-and-tested classic when it comes to design in kitchens, which is primarily characterized by its versatility with the many possible combinations.

Kitchen design trends 2025: Mid-century and Scandifornia

Kitchen Trends 2025

When it comes to the kitchen trends in 2025, the traditional mid-century style and Scandifornia stand out as an imaginative combination of Scandinavian and Californian design ideas. These variants follow different approaches. The mid-century style is based on popular shapes that were in great demand for around two decades, especially from the 1950s and are now celebrating a comeback. However, the first ideas for this revived trend style arose earlier. The well-known motto of mid-century style translates to “form follows function.” This means that functionality is the undisputed focus of this kitchen style, while the design is primarily based on it.

The aim of the mid-century style is that when you look at the kitchen furniture, you should immediately recognize the function. Accordingly, the functional components of the kitchen are usually not hidden with any decoration. In the mid-century style, ornate detail work is not intended. Instead, the kitchen style is characterized by a simple design with clear graphic lines. The mid-century style also avoids sharp edges and corners. Because organic shapes are another distinctive feature of the style. Although mid-century kitchens may appear minimalist at first glance, closer inspection often reveals a surprising design value. With a modern interpretation, the kitchen style is sometimes complemented with unusual patterns.

The Scandifornia style, on the other hand, combines Californian designs with Scandinavian kitchen styles and is sometimes colloquially referred to as “Scandifornia” in German-speaking countries. This style is characterized by a combination of the warm nonchalance of western North America and the cooler elegance of Scandinavia. Kitchen cabinets made from sustainable wood are a typical feature of the Scandifornia style. Sometimes the kitchen style is even complemented with features of the mid-century style. A sustainable, natural and open kitchen design are important similarities between the styles that the Scandifornia style unites. All patterns and colors from typical “Scandifornia” kitchens can usually be discovered in nature. Natural materials are also a key reason for the popularity of the Scandifornia style.

The mixture of the Scandi style and design ideas from California catches the eye with a minimalist decoration. Straight and clear lines characterize kitchen cabinets that are created with the Scandifornia style as a template. White is usually considered the indispensable basic color for the kitchen style. The walls in particular are almost always light in a typical Scandifornia design. However, the white background is supplemented with splashes of color in order to stand out from other styles. For example, ocher, rusty red and other colors with an earthy tone are used for this. In addition to light wood, natural stones also lend the desired expression to the Scandifornia style.

Kitchen design 2025: Round kitchens with an organic shape

Kitchen Trends 2025

Among the kitchen shapes, a trend stands out with a round design before the beginning of 2025. Rounded corners and organic shapes can convince more and more homeowners with their advantages. The round design is particularly popular in open-plan kitchens and eat-in kitchens. Organic kitchen shapes create a cozy atmosphere when cooking and eating. With rounded corners, the surfaces in the kitchen create an inviting and harmonious impression. The larger a room, the better the round shapes come into their own from the point of view of many kitchen owners. On the other hand, there are numerous people who want to make small cooking spaces appear more open with rounded kitchen furniture.

As soon as the kitchen is to develop into the center of an apartment and free accessibility from several directions is desired, the organic design unfolds its strengths. The increased trend towards round kitchen design is also related to modern kitchen furniture. Because imaginatively designed kitchen cabinets often surprise with a large storage space inside, despite their organic shape. In addition, round kitchens often have appealing advantages when it comes to maintenance. While dust usually accumulates particularly quickly as stubborn dirt on sharp edges and corners, such problems occur less frequently with organic alternatives. This is due to the fact that grains of dust cannot settle as easily on round surfaces compared to straight kitchen shapes.

The contrast to the rest of the living area can be significantly reduced with an organic kitchen design. Open room concepts allow for flowing transitions between the kitchen and the dining or living room thanks to a round kitchen design. The organic design of the kitchen furniture looks natural and integrates the cooking area into the living room. In turn, corner cabinets with a smooth bend will help to avoid a blind spot. In some cases, it also makes sense to combine round and square shapes in the kitchen. This means that the kitchen design can be based, for example, on typical bars with counters that look lively and inviting.

The trend towards round kitchen shapes has a nice side effect with the reduced risk of injury. Especially in a household with children, it is a decisive advantage if there are no corners in the kitchen with a high risk of impact. But even for adults, the risk of getting caught while cooking and therefore dropping plates or, in the worst case, having an accident, decreases. As soon as several people are preparing meals in the kitchen at the same time, an organic kitchen design often leaves more space free. As a result, residents are less likely to get in each other’s way. Sometimes round kitchen furniture also improves safety with handle-less fronts and imaginative opening mechanisms, among other things.

Kitchen colors 2025: Beige color with variety of possible combinations

Kitchen Trends 2025

In the run-up to 2025, beige is pretty far ahead when looking for a trend color for kitchens. This color has replaced gray kitchen furniture in many apartments. Beige got a bad rap for a while in the 1980s. In the meantime, however, beige-colored kitchen cabinets have made an impressive comeback. Beige is a highlight, especially for wooden surfaces. In addition, many manufacturers like to combine the color with natural materials because customers are often enthusiastic about it. This popularity is primarily due to the natural appearance of beige. When ordering kitchen furniture, the color is available with a wide variety of nuances.

The versatility of the color palette extends from sand beige to cappuccino beige. All beige color variants are earth tones that include brown components. Basically, a beige design allows for an extremely subtle tinting of the kitchen cabinets. Materials and shapes in a kitchen are particularly attractive in many cases. Different shades of beige are often combined to give a kitchen a modern look. Then the color scheme ensures brightness on the one hand and still convinces with an unmistakable variety that embodies a modern kitchen design. When combined with other colors, the darker beige tones in particular enable attractive effects.

There are hardly any limits to the imagination, while beige elements in the kitchen are complemented with other shades. Numerous designers rely on black marble worktops or slate gray surfaces as a counterpart to beige kitchen fronts. Beige shades with a high proportion of brown enable striking contrasts in kitchen design. Black steel struts, dark kitchen appliances and machines with stainless steel reinforce this effect. This creates a clear visual separation between beige kitchen cabinets and the rest of the room. Many homeowners even find it practical if the different components of the kitchen with their respective functionality are clearly different in color.

Compared to white surfaces, beige is characterized by the fact that the color is less cool. Beige tones embody an inviting and soothing purity in the kitchen. The brown components in turn bring about a feeling of lightness. Country kitchens in particular lend beige elements a homely and natural charm. In addition, small kitchens are usually given a larger appearance by beige surfaces. In addition to beige, there are of course other trend colors shortly before the beginning of 2025. For example, many people want handles and fittings made of copper or brass that stand out with the typical metal colors. Strong orange or dark anthracite are also considered trendy kitchen colors.

New kitchen 2025: Social trends with sustainability, urban gardening and more

Kitchen Trends 2025

In addition to social trends such as urban gardening, home office and smart kitchen, sustainability is the focus for many people when it comes to kitchen design shortly before the 2025 calendar year. In order to waste as little food as possible according to the motto ” No Waste “, you need an effective refrigerator. In addition, sustainable containers should protect the food from decay. Many homeowners want a kitchen to be delivered unpackaged as much as possible. To ensure that little waste is produced in everyday life, washable baking mats, for example, are recommended as sustainable alternatives to baking paper.

While more and more people want to grow plants through urban gardening without space for large gardens, this social trend has even found its way into kitchens. Extraordinary shelving systems actually give hobby gardeners the chance to pursue their own passion next to the kitchen furniture. Special plant lights can, among other things, provide planted herbs with the required heat on a permanent basis. In addition, with imaginative shelving systems, it is possible to water the plants sufficiently and keep the kitchen furniture reliably dry. It is therefore conceivable to grow herbs in your own kitchen and harvest them there immediately before cooking.

Because the kitchen is increasingly becoming the center of life, especially in apartments with few rooms, home office is now sometimes just as important a social issue when it comes to kitchen design. If you want to create a workplace in the environment of the kitchen furniture, you should primarily pay attention to a proper and effective organization of the room. There is multifunctional furniture suitable for integrating a home office in the kitchen. In order for telework to work smoothly near the kitchen appliances, notebooks or office materials need a fixed and safe place. This avoids the hassle of constant rearranging.

The longing for fully automatic processes and simple remote control of household appliances has also arrived in the kitchen with the social trend Smart Kitchen and Home Connect. Fully automatic coffee machines with control options via smartphone apps are already widespread to start the day. In addition, particularly advanced hotplates with smart home functions prevent meals from burning. Another smart kitchen highlight are refrigerators that allow a glimpse of the interior on the smartphone screen. Extraordinary refrigerator inventions calculate their contents themselves and create shopping lists at the same time.

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