TOP 10 Bathroom Trends In 2025

Discover the 2025 bathroom trends that will dress up your bathroom! Greens, yellows, blues, wood, nature or retro trends are in the spotlight. New colors and coatings join new designs and old trends that return for our greatest pleasure!

Bathroom Trends In 2025

Mechdb invites you to discover the major bathroom design trends for 2025 to fit out or renovate your bathroom!

Bathroom trends 2025: The force of nature through organic forms

Bathroom Trends 2025

2025 bathroom furniture and elements offer an aesthetic approach closer to the forms found in nature. Their lines, curves and coverings are more directly inspired by natural elements such as stone, plants or landscapes for wall coverings.

The sinks are rounded and curved as if carved directly from the rock or from wood, the bathroom furniture is covered with embossed wood coverings, the textured shower trays take on the visual appearance of the rings of a tree. In 2025, the nature trend is even more present thanks to these cleverly found reproductions.

Appearing in the 1950s, organic shapes gave way over time to more refined lines, synonymous with the future at the time. Today, new materials and new manufacturing techniques make it possible to create new designs and new coatings, while pushing towards more realism. Helped by a renewed attraction to nature in our interiors, organic forms are welcome and bring a certain calming effect through their presence, in addition to their originality.

More experience to the touch with fluted, wavy and raised aspects

Bathroom Trends 2025

Close to the Nature trend and the biophilic forms presented previously, the wavy, fluted and relief-patterned forms praise natural lines and abstract forms.

But more than shapes and lines, this trend takes its importance in the experience it provides to the touch. The coatings are textured and embossed, revealing the patterns by hand. The textures are diverse and rhythmic, they overlap to energize the visual aspect of the bathroom element.

The evolution of manufacturing techniques allows us to play with much more audacity in the shapes of basins, accessories, toilets and bathroom furniture. The wavy and fluted shapes, previously very fashionable, are surprising with their great modern and original comeback.

Bathroom 2025: Round or oblong mirrors with light for your

Bathroom Trends 2025

This year, the mirrors are even more rounded and smarter. Rounded and oblong shapes are very trendy and always with integrated led lights. These softer shapes make it possible to contrast the straight and clean lines of square or rectangular bathroom furniture. LED lights are a plus that can better illuminate a space that is often too dark.

Bathroom design 2025: The wabi-sabi trend and natural tones like wood and stone

Bathroom Design 2025

The year 2025 delves deeper into the natural material of wood in its bathroom furniture designs. The coating is increasingly close to the base material in its natural state and it even allows itself to copy its variances of hues, textures and states (aged or young wood). The wood or stone coverings are textured and also embossed for more feeling to the touch.

More authentic, one of the 2025 bathroom trends is the Wabi-sabi aesthetic. This Japanese decorative trend is inspired by the aesthetics and principles of Zen Buddhism and Taoism of the same name. Originally Wabi-sabi, a Japanese artistic, philosophical and literary movement, highlights the natural and simple beauty of things, as well as the passing of time. The term Wabi is generally translated by the concept of “simplicity”, and Sabi by the concept of “time passing” or “natural wear and tear”. In decoration, the elements are therefore intended to be as natural as possible, hence the strong presence of wood and stone, and are also adorned with a certain patina that time has given them. We celebrate nature and its imperfections. The decor is warm and relaxing!

Bathroom furniture in 2025: The return of glass

Bathroom Design 2025

Glass is the bathroom material that has practically disappeared today from our bathroom elements and furnishings. As you know, yesterday’s trends are tomorrow’s; made glass is making a big comeback in 2025 in our bathrooms!

Strong and resistant to cleaning products, the glass is also easy to clean. You will find glass in original shaped basins for an authentic bathroom design.

Electric blues for a flamboyant 2025 bathroom

Bathroom Design 2025

This year, the colors are more shimmering and more pop, blue is no exception. Midnight blue gives way to brighter, more electric blues. The major bathroom brands offer faucets and furniture with light and bright blue coverings!

Bathroom colors 2025: Forest greens, khaki, emerald and almond combined with ecological objects

Bathroom Design 2025

Different variants of green are present in the 2025 bathroom color trends. Indeed, like every year, green retains an important place, particularly for the natural spirit it provides. One of the most popular green variants in 2025 remains forest green with an intense, matte shade. Khaki and olive green, softer, are appreciated in lighter decorations.

This year, ecological notions are also important because green is readily associated with ecological materials such as wood. The variants of green combine well with each other, just like with stone. Combine green with black elements for a more design and serious side, and with gilding for a chic side!

The total color look in the bathroom

Bathroom 2025

A colorful bathroom with a dominant color that adorns several elements of the bathroom tempts you? This is the trendy concept of the total color look which consists in harmonizing your bathroom with a color to create an authentic colored atmosphere.

The total color look works in particular with a combination of several bathroom elements such as taps, shower screen supports, bathroom accessories and toilets of the same color.

Above, offers in its “Your Own Color” range, a total look coordinated with a single color that allows each bathroom element to be matched with the others. 15 matt shades are available to create your own composition available on shower screens, bathroom accessories, mirror frames and also vanity units, vanity tops and washbasins.

Faucets and shower screens in one color

Bathroom 2025

Bathroom accessories and bathroom faucets offer new designs and new colors in 2025. Real master cards of bathroom personalization, these two elements allow you to customize the decoration of your bathroom.

In faucets, what will mark 2025 is the appearance of numerous colors and finishes! The bathroom is no longer just a place of well-being and relaxation, it is also a place where your part of creativity and your personality must be expressed. Joyful and pop colors such as greens, pinks and yellows now take their place alongside black, copper and brushed pink taps in trends. Regarding the copper, gold, brushed pink and graphite finishes, they are still in great demand because they bring a chic and design side!

Colorful tapware does not arrive alone in your 2025 bathroom. In fact, more and more brands are offering supports and shower screen surrounds in the same colors. Enough to demarcate a shower space in a more original way!

Other 2025 bathroom trends: black, Viva Magenta, cognac, saffron and lavender!

Bathroom 2025

The year 2025 is rich in new bathroom trends, whether designs, colors or materials, the new collections offer new and refreshing ideas and concepts.

We have presented several major trends to you, but the new developments are rich and numerous! Here are also other 2025 bathroom trends not to be missed:

  • Pantone color 2023: Viva Magenta is Pantone color 2023!
  • marble, especially marble with white, creates a chic and modern vibe;
  • white with black to structure spaces and compositions.

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