Kitchen Design 2025: 9 Main Trends

A spa atmosphere, transformable sets and unconventional color combinations – we tell you what trends in kitchen design await us next year.

Kitchen Design 2025

In interior design, trends do not change as rapidly as in other areas. More often we are talking about long-lasting trends, although there are also completely new fashionable techniques. In this article we will look at what modern kitchen design trends will be like in 2025. We’ll tell you about the current layouts, colors and design features.

The main trends in kitchen interior design 2025

Let’s start with the general trends of 2025, which are definitely worth paying attention to in the coming season.

Spa atmosphere

Kitchen Design 2025

Everyone knows about the spa bathroom, especially since it has been a strong trend over the past few years. What about spa cuisine? It sounds unusual, because it seems that chaos and disorder always reign in the cooking area, and the space should, first of all, be ergonomic and convenient for cleaning. But everything is changing. In 2025, completely different moods will prevail in kitchen design photos. Natural materials and textures come to the fore: wood, stone, porous plaster, ceramics.

Stylistically, the design can be anything. Japandi, soft minimalism, country and contemporary are best suited for implementing the concept, but it can also be a relaxed classic or even a loft. Spa cuisine is primarily about atmosphere, not specific visual markers.

Calm colors in a natural palette, tactilely pleasant surfaces, attention to detail – the cooking area becomes a place where a person likes to spend time and where he feels as comfortable as possible.

One-piece apron

Kitchen Design 2025

Ceramic tiles are a classic material for decorating a backsplash. It can be simply bright, with a pattern, or an unusual shape.

But the real trend in the coming season will be the integrity of the composition. In their projects, designers are increasingly moving away from small details to a single surface, and this can be either just the apron area or the entire wall, especially if the set does not have upper cabinets.

To achieve this effect, use different materials, going beyond traditional tiles:

  • Seamless large-format porcelain tiles.
  • Waterproof paint.
  • Decorative plaster.
  • Washable wallpaper (for additional protection it is better to cover it with a transparent glass screen).

It doesn’t have to be a plain surface. You can use patterns, especially if you are decorating your apron with wallpaper, but they should not be small and crushed, but smoothly flow into each other or even have a narrative theme.

Accent fittings

Kitchen Design 2025

The steady trend towards minimalism has made handleless headsets popular, with doors that open when pressed.

This design is still relevant, but in the coming season the fittings will finally receive the attention they deserve. This is not only a utilitarian accessory, but also a full-fledged decorative element. Contrasting color, texture of precious metals, unusual shape or even deliberately large size – you can experiment as you like.

In addition, door handles are easy to replace, so in this way you can completely transform the look of the unit and the cooking area as a whole, even without repairs. And if you don’t like the result or eventually want something new, they will still be easy to update.


Kitchen 2025

A kitchen hood, like most appliances, is usually built in and hidden from view to create a complete picture.

But already this year, solutions with accent ventilation have become very popular. Next season, the even cylindrical shape will remain relevant, and the hood itself can be quite massive. It is built in between cabinets or made the only element on the wall without upper cabinets. Color and texture – depending on the design of the headset and the overall style. Chrome plated cylinders, gold models or, conversely, matte black ones look interesting. The result is a bright contrast that immediately attracts attention.

Kitchen Layout trends 2025

There are also certain trends in the kitchen planning solutions themselves. The following years will be especially bright in the coming year.

Open space

Kitchen 2025

While the kitchen-living room combo has its drawbacks (like odors and lack of privacy), the trend for open spaces isn’t going away any time soon. A cooking, eating and relaxation area is already a standard set, even where a kitchen-living room is not initially intended. In one-room apartments they add small sofas, in studios everything is in one room. And in more spacious apartments, the European layout remains the most popular.

Toit was comfortable to be in such a single space:

  • Provide good ventilation. Powerful exhaust hood, natural air circulation and regular ventilation will solve any problems with odors.
  • If possible, install a partition. It is best to have a sliding or hinged one, made of transparent or frosted glass. This will allow you to connect and separate zones at will, so that no one disturbs anyone.
  • Zone the space. In rectangular rooms, zones are usually arranged sequentially: a suite, then a dining group, and in the far part – a living room. In square or non-standard shaped rooms you will have to use your imagination, but it is important to clearly delimit all zones.

Hidden headset

Kitchen 2025

Hidden headsets are one of the hottest trends of the coming year.

If previously transformable kitchens were rare and were perceived as something out of the ordinary, not for ordinary apartments, now there are more and more such projects. Complex solutions are easily integrated into the interiors of ordinary studios, one-room apartments or two-room apartments and completely change the approach to the perception of space. It ceases to be static; at any time you can change the appearance of the room. One minute there was a set where you prepared breakfast for the whole family, and the next it was just part of the wall or even a full-fledged office.

Of course, now these are mainly design solutions with structures created according to individual drawings, which is why such transformers cost more than a standard set. But the trend is gaining momentum, and with a high probability, ready-made transforming models will appear on the market in the near future.

Fashionable kitchen colors 2025

Photos of kitchens in apartments clearly show: there are no specific fashionable colors. The palette needs to be selected to suit your taste, but you can still identify several trends in color schemes.

Snow-white set

Kitchen 2025

White color in the interior in general is still treated with caution, and even more so in the zone. The biggest objection: it’s impractical. However, it has long been successfully dispelled by designers, furniture manufacturers, and the owners of light-colored kitchens themselves.

Yes, grease stains and fingerprints will be visible on white facades. But they will be just as noticeable on blue, beige, and green surfaces. Moreover, on dark matte doors all dirt is even more visible. So the question of practicality is less about color and more about suitable material and timely cleaning.

In the new season, snow-white headsets will gain popularity. In such a light, refreshing shade, large furniture looks light and airy, and the cooking area seems more spacious and elegant. This palette fits perfectly with the trend for spa kitchens, because in combination with natural materials and unobtrusive natural decor, a bright space gives that same feeling of peace and vacation mood.

Natural shades

Kitchen Trends 2025

Among the trends there are both new and stable. This also applies to the color scheme of the kitchen.

So, any natural tones do not go out of fashion. Beige, brown, green, gray, reddish, deep blue – any that are found in the world around you will do. What is important here is not the color itself, but the correct shade. One that doesn’t seem artificial, electric, or irritating to the eye.

Complement the natural palette with textures of wood and stone, ceramic dishes, objects of natural, deliberately imperfect shapes, and textiles made from natural fabrics. This is a universal set, suitable for any interior style: from neoclassical to boho or minimalism.

Palette without templates

Kitchen Trends 2025

If you’re looking to move away from proven, secure solutions, now is the time to do so.

There is already a clear trend towards unconventional solutions. Breaking the rules is the motto of the coming year. Do you want to see pink, red and orange side by side? Please! Make the kitchen completely black, even if it is small in size? Could be so. Move away from stereotypes, choose colors according to your preferences, not the color wheel, disregard the golden rule of 60/30/10. If you like the end result and evoke positive emotions every time you step into the kitchen, then this is the perfect palette.

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