Interior Design Trends 2025

Over the past few years, most people in the world have been forced to spend more time at home, and this has changed the overall perception of space, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. White kitchens and neutral spaces, for example, have had their place, but designers predict that now that people are spending more time at home, they want to enjoy their interiors and create more personalized spaces.

From bold paint to textured walls and layered textiles, now is the time to create a space that evokes positive vibes. Here are the biggest interior design trends 2025 according to global designers.

Pine wood and other natural materials

Interior Design Trends 2025

Interior designer said during a recent presentation: “Trends are an interesting concept. We’re living in an age of ‘whatever’ and I support it…surprise.” He added that incorporating natural materials such as other woods, stone and plants into interiors will also be a huge trend in 2025.

Wallpapered washrooms

Interior Design Trends 2025

While wallpaper in washrooms is certainly not a new or revolutionary trend, founder and lead interior designer, says wallpaper will only get more popular next year. “Washrooms are a great place to play with patterns and hues that you might be careful to use in large areas of your home”. “We love to call our dressing rooms the jewelery box of the house, as you can experiment with layered colors, textures, and unique decorative accessories that add an element of surprise when you open the door of a room.”

Personality-focused design

Interior Design Trends 2025

New York City-based designer says many of his clients are ditching neutral, Pinterest-perfect rooms and instead opting for cozier spaces with personal collections, layered textiles, unique art, and a mix of old and new furniture. He says, “We’ve seen so much minimalism over the past few years; our clients now want warmth, depth and character in their personal space.” Now this is one of the trends that we can support!

Textured surfaces

Interior Design Trends 2025

Founder and Chief Creative Officer Design Studio and Store, says: “In 2024, stucco and limewash have started making their way into design again and I think 2025 will be the year they go deep into everyone’s home design”.

While you can certainly opt for textured lime-washed walls, even adding a plaster hood in your kitchen (one of the biggest kitchen trends 2025) can create a significant visual impact in your space.

Direction to recovery

Interior Design Trends 2025

Some designers believe that wellness rooms could replace home gyms in 2025 – and they’ll be a lot more chic. According to founder and chief designer of Design Studio, clients are asking for “a more thoughtful focus on home improvement.”

Sustainable design

Interior Design Trends 2025

Many designers agree that 2025 will continue the sustainable design trend. Smith says: “Consumers are becoming more environmentally aware, and rightly so, as the conversation and the importance of sustainable design will take center stage. People are increasingly asking ‘where is it made’, ‘how is it made’, etc.

Founder of Interior designers, notes that many people will begin to ditch inexpensive (and cheaply made) furniture in favor of antiques or other investment items that won’t end up in a landfill in a few years. “People will start investing more in quality products that will stand the test of time. Instead of buying something cheap “on hold”, people will be more selective about what they put in their home to have it on. long years”.

Interiors inspired by architecture

Interior Design Trends 2025

Architecture will continue to make its way into interiors in 2025. Chief architect, creative director and owner of, says: “Along with the Art Deco-inspired spaces we’ve already seen, we’ll start to see nods towards other signature styles, graphic and bold, like Brutalism and the Bauhaus.”.

Spectacular fabrics

Interior Design Trends 2025

The challenge for many designers is to create beautiful yet livable spaces – especially for families with small children, pets or busy lifestyles. Chief Designer and Founder of Interiors, says “Everyone wants fabrics that can’t be destroyed!” Fortunately, 2025 will be kinder to those of us who tend to spill red wine on the couch

There are so many options now that mimic the look of natural linen, velvet and textured fabrics, but they are designed for outdoor use, stain resistant, high-performance materials. Pair them with stain resistant carpets that can be washed and now we can design houses.

The return of open floor

Interior Design Trends 2025

Open floor plans may have been all the rage for the past few years, we predicts stand-alone dining rooms will make a comeback in 2025. He says that while you don’t need to create a formal dining room with a 12-seat table, you should have a place to get together.

We’ve been tearing down all the walls and creating large open spaces for years, and now we’re aiming for cozy spaces that encourage socializing. “The open concept of living is still all the rage, but even in open spaces we are discovering creative ways to create more intimate niches, nooks and crannies.”

Honey Onyx

Interior Design Trends 2025

If you know this material that was trending in interior design in the 1980s, then it is making a comeback. Director and Founder of Architects, says: “Having suffered from overuse in the 80s style, honey onyx has fallen out of favor with designers. We see the stone making a strong comeback with impressive, graphic veining. It will continue to be considered in the future. as a classic material for design”. “We love the idea of using this material with decorative accessories or tiling it in the kitchen or bathroom.

Soft Modern Kitchens

Interior Design Trends 2025

Co-founders of Bakes say they’ve seen a growing demand for modern kitchen design but feel there’s a “gap for seasoned design that makes up for the cold, impersonal feel that keeps homeowners from sinking in.”

To combat this, they have perfected what they call “soft modern” kitchen design. “In our ‘soft modern’ kitchen design, contrast is key,” they say. “We can use a very glossy finish for cabinetry and offset it with a matte wood finish for open shelving or accent panels.”

Lighting as art

Interior Design Trends 2025

It’s time to play with lighting. Creative director and co-founder of House, says: “We believe lighting will take center stage in a certain way. As people design and build their dream homes, they are beginning to understand the importance of ambient lighting and the role it plays in creating a sense of space. “We think the lighting will become more sculptural, with mixed materials.”

2025 will bring many more trends. Therefore, we continue to follow current trends.

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