Dodge Caravan 2rd gen manual conversion

Due to the 5-speed option in 2nd gen Dodge Caravans, this conversion was much simpler than custom jobs such as converting a 3rd gen Caravan.

The parts for the following conversion were obtained from a junkyard from a 1994 Plymouth Voyager which had everything needed such as the shifter, cables, pedals, and subframe. The manual transmission which bolts up to the 3.0 V6 Chrysler engine is the A543. Fortunately for this build, one was found in a low mileage IROC Daytona with the 3.5 ratio. The entire swap, including the clutch kit was performed for $ 300. Everything bolted right in, cutting a hole in the floor for the shifter cables and making a support for the shifter were the only modifications necessary.

Caravan mtxconv01.jpgCaravan mtxconv02.jpg Caravan mtxconv03.jpgCaravan mtxconv04.jpg Caravan mtxconv05.jpg

Eventually a grey shifter bezel was found in a junkyard. With the IROC transmission, the 3.0 really woke up from the tied up dog with the automatic. It’s almost as fast as a Neon, and if it didn’t weigh 2,000 lb more it would be faster.

Pictures and conversion information provided Matt86.

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