Top Mech Games 2024 for PC

Are you tired of everything, do you want to jump into the cabin of the most powerful combat robot and walk around the neighborhood like a hurricane? To shoot down enemy shelters and equipment with missiles, and to trample down the people fleeing in horror, who a couple of moments ago imagined themselves as brave fighters, with mighty iron feet? Now nothing will stop you from doing it: the best mech games 2024 on PC just for you!Mech Games 2024

Feel like a steel giant, and let miserable insects rush about at your feet.



Sequel to the successful sci-fi shooter, in which elements of the mech simulator played an important role. Unlike the original in 2014, a story company appeared in the game, and it was clearly not done for show: epic, interesting, full of bright events and twists, from which many players’ jaws dropped, and goosebumps began to run down their backs. And if it were not for the high competition (and 2016 turned out to be truly rich in high-profile and amazingly high-quality releases) in the year of release, Titanfall 2 would have simply drowned in awards and titles, strewn with them from head to toe.

To match the scenario in Titanfall 2 and multiplayer mode. It was very good in the first part, but here it was only slightly improved, introduced several important changes that reduced the pace (but by no means the dynamics and intensity) and made the project more comfortable for beginners.

In favor of the highest quality of the second part, at least the fact that even in our age of the undivided domination of various PUBG, Overwatch and other Fortnite, the game still has its own, rather big army of fans speaks.


Incredibly popular in the 90s of the last century, a series of games about robots that moved online. And today you can play it for free.

Although MechWarrior Online was released in 2015, for many mech fans it is still the top project among all mech-themed games available on PC. One of the reasons is the preservation by the developers of all the features of the iconic BattleTech universe, in which the events of the multiplayer simulator take place.

In addition, the project has not stopped in its development: even today its plot and gameplay are actively changing and improving almost every passing day.

The next advantage is a huge selection of combat vehicles, many of which are well recognizable from books, board games and previous parts of the series. After all, it was the stylish design of the BattleTech mechs and the many modules provided for them that brought the popularity of the MechWarrior series.

Finally, the fights themselves, which, unlike most other games, cannot be called arcade. This is a combat robot simulator in the full sense of the word. The battles are based on complex mechanics, borrowed from the tabletop series, taking into account dozens of, sometimes completely unobvious factors.


An unusual role-playing action game in which you, in the role of a military pilot, will find yourself in an amazing world inhabited by dangerous monsters. In order not to become their prey, he creates giant robots that will become a reliable help in exploring the world. The game contains detailed customization of “Goliaths” – that’s what robots are called.


Techwars: Global Conflict (Techwars Online 2) is another multiplayer robot simulator that differs from other games presented here in its isometric view.

If the first part of Techwars Online combined elements of TBS and hexastrategy, then the continuation is an action game in its purest form, where the player takes direct control of a robot of a certain class. In each of the five available classes, there are several models that differ from each other (and not only externally), plus it is possible to install different types of weapons for each robot, so the choice here is quite decent.

Among other advantages of the project, it is worth noting the official support for the Russian language (the developer is the Russian studio Argus Games), the almost total destruction of the game environment, which affects the course of the battle and is of great tactical importance, as well as the universe taken as the basis for the setting from the books of science fiction writer Mikhail Vlad.

Thanks to a huge selection of parts, you can create an invincible combat walker in Crossout that will allow you to literally sow death on the battlefield


A fantastic action game, very close in spirit and style to the Gundam, Evangelion and Macross franchises popular in Japan. This means an abundance of battlesuits-mechs with a very catchy and frilly design, overly bright, blinding special effects and prohibitively dynamic battles, often beyond the capabilities of human perception. Moreover, the battles in Project Nimbus, as a rule, unfold in the airspace.

In general, a game about furs, focused on anime lovers, since even the plot here is built on complex intricacies that reveal the inner world and feelings of the characters, their difficult relationships with each other.


Action with furs, the plot, gameplay and style of which are very much taken from Japanese anime works and Hollywood “Transformers”. Players can expect a large selection of giant manned mechs and exciting aerial battles that take place even in outer space.


Fighting game, in which giant robots act as fighters, and modern megacities and other man-made sites, along with the miserable people living in them, are the arenas. You can play against AI or against other players via the Internet, including battles with the participation of four people at the same time. The game also has a unique cooperative control mode, where each user is responsible for one part of the robot.

Override: Mech City Brawl features bright futuristic graphics, energetic music from different genres, as well as a large selection of unique fighters and destructible arenas.


A first – person action game set in the future. According to the plot, humanity has managed to colonize thousands of star systems. But not everything is so smooth – you have to fight for control over them. Conflicts in the future, according to the developers, are resolved with the help of giant combat robots called BattleMech. The role of the pilot of such a “machine” is assigned to the player.

The MechWarrior series has been in production since 1989. This part invites players to explore different corners of the universe and participate in dynamic battles while sitting in a giant robot. Rich customization and modification tools are available, thanks to which you can create a unique mecha. Another feature of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is the detailed destructibility of the environment. Get ready to level entire cities with enemies hiding in them!


In the selection, we already had action games, platformers, and turn-based strategies. What is missing? Bagels! Brigador is a rogue’like game with tactical combat. The plot is trivial – you, in the role of a mercenary, go to perform various tasks with one goal – to earn money. It’s hard to say that the main character is positive, because he has to fight decent fighters and destroy the city of Solo Nebre.

Brigador features include:

  • Over 50 different mechs, including tanks and grav tanks;
  • Complete destructibility of the surrounding area;
  • Over 35 missions in single player campaign;
  • Nice “old school” graphics without pixels;
  • High difficulty;
  • Sci-fi “dark” universe.

Not to say that the game is popular, but it has 96% “highly positive” reviews on Steam.


A game in the spirit of a classic 2D platformer. There is a single player campaign, but the plot is simple and not of interest. At the same time, the game has over 1,500 “very positive” reviews on Steam. Why?

The secret is simple and lies in the excellent gameplay. The developers paid attention to the theme of combat robots and presented an action game with excellent and dynamic battles, all sorts of references and a variety of gameplay. There are several types of mechs with unique abilities to choose from. There is a multiplayer in which gamers fight each other and check who is stronger and more cunning.


A third-person action game with anime elements in which the player, controlling a combat robot, will save the Earth from the invasion of monsters. MASS Builder is able to win the hearts of the players due to two things. The first is the detailed customization of the entire robot. You can replace almost any part of it, change the weapon and color, and end up with a unique mech.

The second is dynamic, hot and spectacular battles. Moreover, as gamers note, they are hardcore and comparable to those presented by Dark Souls. In battle, you can use various weapons, as well as hover with the help of a jetpack. If you are still in doubt, you can try out the free demo.


What is the difference between the furs invented by the Japanese and the rest? They are much more mobile, and their size is difficult to predetermine the imagination. You will get acquainted with such robots in the anime action DAEMON X MACHINA, the plot of which suggests trying on the role of the chosen one, who has to save the world from mad machines.

You are expected by dynamic battles saturated with colors, customization of the robot and its pilot, pumping system, as well as the presence of not only a story mode, but also a PvP mode.


Tesla vs Lovecraft is not your typical mech game. And in general – a non-standard game project. According to his idea, the great inventor Nikola Tesla is faced with a horde of nightmarish monsters that have descended from the pages of Lovecraft’s books. But are they scary to a scientist who assembles a powerful combat robot in the shortest possible time?

You will not see giant machines here – instead, you will curb a small robot and crush monsters using various weapons and abilities. Tesla vs Lovecraft dilutes our selection perfectly.


War Robots migrated to PC from mobile platforms – it was released on Android and iOS in 2014-2015, and there it gained such wild popularity that the developers decided to please the owners of personal computers. The project does not exactly boast of graphics, but you can download it for free.

This is a multiplayer action game, the gameplay of which is reduced to battles in 6v6 mode on various maps. As a “fighter”, players can choose one of 45 robots of various sizes and, in addition, hang weapons on it (energy, plasma, ballistic missiles, etc.). Fans of games with friends will be pleased with the presence of clans, but single gamers will also find something to do, completing combat missions and raising their nickname in the ranking of the best pilots.


Super Mecha Champions is an anime battle royale where you can either play as an ordinary pilot or summon a huge robot to the battlefield and turn the match around. They offer to try out 10 mechs with unique characteristics – some are designed for close combat, others can fly, and others are equipped with powerful long-range cannons.

The peculiarity of Super Mecha Champions is that even in the form of a pilot, you can give heat to huge tins by studying their weaknesses and thinking over tactics.


Third-person shooter EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 4.1 invites you to go to the distant future, where cutting-edge technology has become one of the main combat resources. The user will take part in large-scale battles with alien invaders and prove their skills.

At the disposal of the gamer will be a hero corresponding to one of the four classes. The latter endow the character with unique skills and the ability to determine the tactics of battle (infantryman, fighter, mech pilot, powerful soldier). Also, the developers have provided eight hundred types of firearms, 80 story missions within the campaign, a variety of locations.

If you don’t like to play alone, then try to fight the aliens with a friend in co-op.


GALAHAD 3093 is an action-packed multiplayer shooter that takes gamers into a futuristic universe engulfed in war. Instead of infantry, the role of combat units was taken by mechs with impressive power and strong armor. The people, now called knights, act as pilots.

At the beginning of the game, the user is prompted to choose a knight, which will determine the tactics of combat based on unique skills. In total, the developers offer four characters.

GALAHAD 3093 – the project is undoubtedly interesting for fans of combat robots. At the same time, the matches will delight you with battles of 12 by 12 players (24 users in total in the battle), which will allow you to interact with different partners and have fun.


Mechstermination Force is an organic combination of action and platformer about the battle of heroes protecting the Earth from huge mechs. The protagonist can move forward and backward, as well as jump and shoot in any direction. As the gamer progresses, improvements will become available that are useful in battles with robots.

The game has a system for buying upgrades for in-game currency, which you can earn if you defeat the mech. In between fights, you can chat with the characters and level up. By the way, Mechstermination Force provides local multiplayer for playing with a friend.


Project Lazarus is an isometric action game with roguelike elements that invites gamers to take control of one of 6 mechs and set off to colonize planets. The latter are the home of aggressive creatures who, at the sight of a man driving a deadly machine, fall into a rage. Resist the onslaught of the enemy and complete the task.

In terms of concept and mechanics, Project Lazarus is very similar to the project called Vampire Survivors. Similar to the latter, the game has an automatic mech attack, and the gamer is responsible for moving the car around the location, collecting experience spheres and leveling up the character. Upon reaching the level, the user will be prompted to choose one of three random upgrades.

As a result, Project Lazarus is definitely worthy of a place in the collection of a lover of action battles and mechs.


STEEL STRIDER is a 2D side-scroller where the user is asked to take control of a combat mech. The gamer is waiting for a post-apocalyptic world filled with numerous enemies and powerful bosses.

The developers offer you to fight the alien invaders, whose invasion has united humanity in front of a new threat. Controlling a maneuverable robot, the user will have to visit four planets, deal with ordinary enemies and bosses, and also use all the features of a jetpack.


Assault Suit Leynos is a 2D action game made in the style of anime, where the user is asked to take a seat in the cockpit of a combat mech and go to fight against numerous enemies. In the story, the Earth suffers from a lack of resources, which have to be found in outer space. Thanks to the truce, it becomes possible to explore other planets, but in the vast expanses of stars there is an evil that decides to destroy humanity.

The re-release of the classic 16-bit game was a success. The remaster boasts not only modern graphics, but also improved mechanics left in the new version of the product. It offers the user 8 stages with waves of aliens, pumping the character, mini-tasks and new types of weapons that open as you progress.

All fans of intergalactic travel and battles of robots Assault Suit Leynos are recommended to study.


GIGANTIC ARMY is an old-school side-scrolling project with Metal Warriors and Front Mission features. According to the plot, in the 21st century, the Earth is on the verge of a bloody war with the Ramulons. The latter are a race of aliens who want to conquer humanity. Step into the GMR-34 SALADIN BattleMech and terrify the invading army.

Before entering into an open confrontation, the user will have to configure the robot by selecting weapons. In addition to a combination of firearms, melee attacks will also be available to the user. The campaign includes six stages with 12 powerful bosses that will surely take a lot of your strength.


HAWKEN is a multiplayer shooter project with elements of a simulator and a first-person view, in which gamers have the opportunity to become the pilot of a huge mech. The game takes place on a distant planet colonized by mankind. The main advantages of HAWKEN include the presence of various classes of robots, several types of active indicators, special abilities and addictive gameplay.

Unfortunately, the owner of positive reviews from critics, a huge fan base and a nominee for two dozen prestigious awards (won 12) was abandoned by the developers and removed from Steam in 2018. Fans of the unique shooter could not remain indifferent and created the Hawakening group to restart the game. Thanks to the work of enthusiasts, it was possible to restore the possibility of a single mode with bots.

One can only hope for a speedy revival of the HAWKEN multiplayer, because before the project was closed, the project was a huge success, and many called the game the number one in the TOP online mech shooters.



Fascinating tactical strategy with gorgeous graphics and challenging, but at the same time incredibly interesting turn-based battles. The game is based on the BATTLETECH setting of the same name, one of the best fantasy universes featuring manned combat robots.

In BATTLETECH, the player takes control of not one, but an entire detachment of mechs at once, and at the same time their pilots – mechvariors. In the story, a detachment of mechvarior mercenaries enters into a large-scale civil war in the distant 3025, unfolding between several military and political factions. Detailed customization and modernization of combat mechs, development and improvement of pilots, complex tactical battles taking into account terrain features, deep setting, modern graphical shell – perhaps, BATTLETECH really deserves to be considered one of the top games about combat robots.


A very ambitious project in the genre of real-time strategy with important tactical features for the gameplay.

The action of the game will unfold in the alternative universe “1920+”, which is a mixture of historicism with dieselpunk and huge walking combat robots. According to local chronology, during the First World War, instead of tanks, combat walkers were widely used and developed. After the end of the war, the geopolitical situation in the world also turned out to be very different from our reality. In particular, three new powers appeared (the Republic of Polania, the Saxon Empire and Rusvet), which unleashed a fierce war among themselves. It is for one of these three factions, each with its own unique units and mechs, that you will play Iron Harvest.

Other features of Iron Harvest include a cover system, a very realistic destruction system, an emphasis on combat (less building, more battles), and a variety of missions (holding, capturing, breaking through, guarding, stealth, etc.).


A free real-time strategy game dedicated to futuristic battles involving a wide variety of fantastic vehicles, including huge combat walkers. AirMech Strike is focused on multiplayer, has nice modern graphics and a large selection of military equipment and units with skins and models that open as the game progresses.


Turn-based strategy with an isometric view. The bottom line – the player will have to defend the city from the invasion of kaiju monsters on small maps resembling a chessboard. Moreover, cities are located on the “cells”. Controlling a squad of combat robots, the gamer must, like in chess, move his pieces and attack enemies. But, unlike the board game, here you can use different abilities.

The developers were inspired by films such as Pacific Rim and Man of Steel. This can be seen in many gameplay elements (for example, the enemies here are kaiju monsters). Into the Breach has been highly acclaimed by critics and players alike, with the following highlights among its strengths: original gameplay, tactical depth, and high replay value.


In Scythe, just like in Iron Harvest, you will find yourself in 1920s Europe, which has not yet had time to recover from the First World War. And he will not have time, because on the threshold is a new conflict, in which not only people, but also furs will take part.

The game is an official game adaptation of the board game of the same name – so don’t be surprised when you see a global map with hero tokens and cards in the deck that affect the gameplay. Otherwise, this is a familiar strategy with resource management, building construction, capturing territories and managing an army.


It is worth paying tribute to the MechCommander dilogy – old tactical games that take place in the BattleTech universe. Both games received fairly high marks from gamers and critics alike, and it’s safe to say they helped popularize mech games in the early 2000s and beyond.

In the games, you take on the role of the leader of a squad of mechs and fight for supremacy on a distant planet. Single player campaigns contain dozens of missions of different nature – there are attacks on bases, seizure of convoys and others. Furs were treated with special attention – they can be bought, sold and upgraded.

The game is not available for sale in official digital services


Dual Gear has been compared to Front Mission, a great but dead and badly finished tactical RPG series. It’s a turn-based action game that challenges you to pilot huge mechs and complete a plethora of levels.

Dual Gear is distinguished by a detailed mech customization system (you can hang guns on robots wherever possible), dynamic tactical battles and the presence of various active skills for fighters. If you missed Front Mission, or have a desire to play something tactical, but with robots, then this game will leave you with positive emotions.


The two-dimensional strategy Cortex Command invites gamers to choose a faction and go to fight for the territory. The player has various types of units at his disposal, including powerful mechs. The main goal is to create a strong base and destroy the enemy.

Combat in Cortex Command takes place in real time, while the gameplay is fully consistent with classic turn-based strategies. The latter mode can be set in the settings, gaining more control over the situation.

All fans of strategies in retro style Cortex Command, of course, will be a pleasure. By the way, the game has not only a single mode, but also a multiplayer with the possibility of co-op.


The post-apocalyptic strategy Mech Armada will tell the players the story of the confrontation between the Mech faction and the Swarm. After the capture of the planet by extraterrestrial beings, people are forced to create powerful combat robots and survive under the constant pressure of aliens. Act as a commander and save humanity.

The gameplay of Mech Armada is fully consistent with the gameplay of turn-based tactical strategies. In addition, the developers endowed the project with bagel elements. Each combat unit at the disposal of the gamer can be customized. More than seven dozen spare parts are available for improvement. To defeat the enemy, you will need to change tactics more than once, because resource restrictions and random level generation complicate the situation.


Mechs V Kaijus is a tower defense mech game. A hardcore project similar in gameplay to Plants vs. Zombies invites you to fend off huge kaiju. To save humanity from terrible invaders, you will have to sweat, building a strong defensive line, setting traps and assembling powerful robots.

The game will surely appeal to fans of tower defense. At the same time, pixel graphics look nice and do not repel even modern users.


Ignited Steel: Mech Tactics is a turn-based strategy and roguelike that allows the user to take control of a team of mechs. Combat units are called to fight a dangerous enemy – artificial intelligence. The latter wants to destroy all life, and you have to prevent a catastrophe.

The protagonist of the story is Igret Soryu, the pilot of a robot that has long been discontinued. Thanks to the experience of the protagonist and the skills of the gamer, it will be possible to breathe new life into mechs that were deemed inappropriate in terms of operation. The user’s tasks include holding positions, choosing a strategy for battle and fighting powerful bosses. It is worth noting that the enemy army has diverse attacks, which complicates the passage of missions.

To see if Ignited Steel: Mech Tactics is right for you, check out the demo on the project’s Steam page.

EARTH 2160EARTH 2160

According to the plot of Earth 2160, the Earth was completely devastated. Mankind has colonized other planets and is trying to establish a peaceful life. However, factions wishing to seize power unleashed a bloody war. In addition, the associations also have a common enemy – strangers, representing a much greater danger to peaceful existence. You have to choose a side, take control of mechs, space stations, troops and ships to show the enemy who is in charge here.

The gameplay of Earth 2160 offers you not only exciting battles in the vastness of an amazing universe, but also the development of a base with units. The game, of course, should be of interest to any fan of strategies.


Isometric RTS Conflict 3048 with classic gameplay for the genre invites you to plunge into the epicenter of battles with alien life forms. The gamer will have to look for resources, develop the base, expand the army, which will include foot soldiers, fighters and, of course, mechs.

The project is designed for a single passage of the campaign, divided into missions. Before each level, the user will be presented with a briefing from which one can understand the goals and features of the operation.

Conflict 3048 will be a real find for fans of old school strategies. At the same time, modern users will also be able to find a lot of interesting things in the game.


MechCorp’s turn-based strategy will take the user to low-poly locations where they will have to fight opponents using futuristic mechs. The latter are divided into 18 types with unique classes and weapons.

The gamer will need to show remarkable ingenuity in order to cope with an enemy detachment that is superior in strength and numbers to the army of the user himself. Furs can be pumped by installing various modifiers on them. Diverse gameplay, forcing you to follow robotic units, pilots and other components, not only captivates, but also has a positive effect on the replay value of the project.



Sci-fi MMORPG, the gameplay and plot of which revolves around manned robots, again, available for modernization and customization on all fronts (without this, there is nowhere in the mech simulator).

Moreover, in this online game, robots are not only combat units. They have access to a number of completely peaceful activities and professions, determined by the chosen class and connected modules: mining, transportation, search for artifacts, hunting, and so on.

In Perpetuum, at the start, the player can choose one of several factions, called corporations, which, by the way, also affect the activities available to the user, and the style of the game as a whole.

The world in Perpetuum is open, built on the principle of a sandbox : with a dynamically changing environment, a variety of regularly updated missions, an internal economy, hundreds of clans, crafting, PvP and PvE systems. For such a variety, many people compare the project with the notorious EVE Online, although there is a bias into a completely different area of fiction.

The role-playing system is seriously different from classic multiplayer RPGs: gaining experience and developing skills here is carried out not by clearing the territory from mobs, and not even by successfully completing quests, but over time. It doesn’t matter if the user is online or not. That is, the earlier the player registered an account, the more advanced his furs will be.


A tactical role-playing strategy based on the anime franchise Gundam, which combines various series, films and manga. They have a single theme – science fiction. The hallmark of Gundam are huge combat robots that act as a means of war in local universes.

The gameplay is based on turn-based tactical battles. At the same time, the player will have to independently assemble his squad of characters from various Gundam works and send it into battle. The lion’s share of the gameplay is occupied by dialogues and high-quality action scenes with the participation of mechs. It is unlikely that the game will appeal to gamers who are not familiar with this universe, but fans will be delighted!


Role-playing game Super Robot Wars 30 tells the story of a bloody struggle for the future. The project, made in anime style, will offer bright characters, unique furs and various locations for battles.

Battles in the game take place in the format of alternate attacks with the transition to the opponent. Successful fights allow you to get resources for which the user has the right to upgrade furs, train pilots and develop an army.

If you like Japanese RPGs, then Super Robot Wars 30 will definitely interest you.



A free construction game in which the player first creates a controlled robot, and then participates on it in online battles against other players. To do this, Robocraft has a convenient and detailed editor, in which collecting your fur is an indescribable pleasure, comparable to playing Lego.

But battles with live players, as well as races and battles against AI (there are several different modes implemented in Robocraft at once) turned out to be no less interesting. There is also a clan system, the possibility of forming squads from friends and a system for exchanging robot models through a special “Public Robot Factory”.


Mech Mechanic Simulator stands out in our selection because it’s not an action game, it’s not a shooter, it’s not even a roguelike. This is a “garage” simulator in which you have to restore and repair robots, replacing their parts with various tools. The fighter of the future can be disassembled to the smallest nut, and the operation process itself is quite diverse.

You will work not only for the sake of interest – so, you will have a small workshop, which will gradually grow in size and turn into a business. Thus, Mech Mechanic Simulator has the mechanics of an economic simulator with competitors and earnings.


The multiplayer Vox Machinae fur simulator will allow you not only to control a huge combat robot, but also to fight with opponents, watching what is happening from the pilot’s eyes. The story begins with the fact that the Earth was depleted, and corporations competing with each other decided to extract vital resources in the bowels of other planets. The activities of opponents inevitably led to bloody clashes, and you have to take a direct part in the battles.

The gameplay is reminiscent of MechWarrior. The developers have focused on physics and tactics. Gamers are offered a choice of different modes and 5 furs with the ability to equip different combat units from machine guns to rocket launchers. Matches are designed for simultaneous participation of 16 players. Due to the elaboration of details, what is happening on the screen looks very realistic. By the way, Vox Machinae can be played with or without a VR device.



Jupiter Moons: Mecha is an action game with elements of tactics and a card battler dedicated to the battles of huge mechas. The plot of the game revolves around the war of companies colonizing Jupiter for spheres of influence. Choose your robot and start the path to recognition from opponents.

The gameplay of Jupiter Moons is centered around combat tactics determined by the mech’s equipment. Thanks to the deck, in turn, the battle strategy and the possibility of studying combined attacks are determined. In this case, enemies, missions and the location of items fall out randomly (in the style of a roguelike).

You will undoubtedly be pleased with several robots with unique characteristics, diverse opponents and bosses, more than two hundred cards in a deck, as well as the ability to pump a pilot in accordance with the skill tree. The product page on Steam has a demo of Jupiter Moons: Mecha that you can check out right now.


Blind Fate: Edo no Yami is a Japanese-style slasher in which the blind cybersamurai Yami protects the population from bloodthirsty mechs. In parallel, the protagonist is tormented by the question of the correctness of his actions. You have to help the hero defeat all opponents, as well as come to conclusions about those who direct the warrior on the path he follows.

The game will meet various robots with unique attacks and movements. The main character will use multiple hits and dizzying combos. Blind Fate: Edo no Yami will undoubtedly become a real find for fans of dynamic slashers.


Kriegsfront Tactics is a roguelike-style strategy action game filled with random events and atmospheric mech combat. The gamer will have to take control of a robotic squad and eliminate enemies in increasingly difficult missions.

The battles in the game are made in a turn-based format, where the user will have to calculate both their own moves and the actions of the enemy. Mechs can be customized with various parts and weapons.

If you like old-school graphics and turn-based combat, then Kriegsfront Tactics is worth checking out.


Phantom Brigade is a turn-based strategy game about a two-state war in which the user will have to take control of the resistance forces. At the disposal of the gamer will receive various units, including furs, as well as resources for their modernization. The combat system implemented in the game is made in a turn-based format.

The developers promise a dynamic campaign and freedom of choice in terms of a strategic offensive.

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