Top 5 Bathroom Design 2025

Bathroom Design 2025

Many people are interested in bathroom design 2025. Also, there are many who want to know what are the bathroom design trends 2025 today. We invite you to learn about the main trends that will be relevant in the coming years.

Bathroom design 2025: space, more space

Bathroom Design 2025

Most of our grandparents were born and lived in communal apartments. They were in seventh heaven when they moved to Khrushchev with private bathrooms. At that time, no one bothered as they had nowhere to turn.

In new, modern buildings, these rooms are more spacious. As for the bathrooms in luxury apartments, they are usually made up of two interconnected rooms.

There are often large windows, and sometimes even panoramic ones. Given this circumstance, experts offer the most unusual bathroom design ideas for 2025. They are aimed at ensuring the comfort and beauty of the bedroom.

Modern bathroom design 2025: “Mini SPA”

Bathroom Design 2025

Bathroom 2025 is not just a place for personal hygiene. The modern trend in interior design is the layout of this room for a mini spa. In addition to the bathroom, toilet and sink, you can see other plumbing fixtures today. For example, hot tubs are popular.

Many designers offer to create a 2025 Japanese bathroom design with a traditional euro wooden bathtub. The design of the oriental bath is also important. In this case, an octagonal podium made of heated natural stone, is installed in the center.

Spacious bathroom 2025: Layout

Bathroom Trends 2025

If you have a spacious bathroom in 2025, you can organize a seating area by installing a sofa bed or ottoman. Can be used to relax during beauty treatments such as body wraps.

Interested in small bathroom design 2025? Or maybe make it wider? If the bathroom in the apartment is adjacent to the bedroom, then we offer a layout option that is suitable for couples without children and singles.

You can apply the open plan technique. Remove the divider and place a sheer curtain between the spa and the sleeping area. This 2025 modern bathroom design fits perfectly with the Loft style.

2025 bathroom design ideas to visually increase the space

2025 open space layout bathroom design too revolutionary for you? Then use well-known methods of visually increasing the space. Your main tools should be light, shiny materials and light paints. This will separate the walls and raise the ceiling.

Be sure to use mirrors and reflective surfaces. This will increase the lighting in the room and create the illusion of spaciousness.

2025 bathroom design: color trends

Bathroom Trends 2025

When talking about the previous trend, we briefly touched on bathroom color. Bathroom design 2025 involves the use of traditional and lesser-known color solutions.

As always, the “white” design of a small bathroom in 2025 will be relevant. There is practically no alternative to this. The only exception is the use of gray tones of varying intensity in the bathroom.

A real sensation will make a design in yellow and gold tones. And under the slogan “Expensive and rich” we are not talking about vibrant design. Golden surfaces should be combined with clear geometric lines and strict minimalist asceticism.

The 2025 bathroom will also look interesting in combinations of blue or light blue, as well as white and ultramarine. In the latter case, it must be a striped design in harmony with the nautical theme. Again, it should be without unnecessary details. The use of objects with a clear geometric shape, mainly rectangular and square, is encouraged.

Bathroom 2025: decor

Bathroom design 2025 can be made with a wide variety of finishing materials, such as bathroom design 2025. However, the unconditional trend is the environmental friendliness of the interior.

Wall decoration materials

Bathroom Trends 2025

This means that modern designs must be created using natural wood and natural stone. These materials have a natural and unique cut pattern. Thanks to him, the bathroom does not need additional decoration.

They go well with shockproof transparent glass, which is considered another trend. Showers made of this material are suitable. They can also be replaced by the simplest construction in the form of a glass cube. A modern and stylish solution is decorative plaster. 2025 will highlight bathroom design.

At the same time, it is not recommended to go too far with this material and apply it in dosage. For example, in any case, it is better to cover the area around the sink with stone or ceramic tiles.

Floor covering materials

Bathroom Trends 2025

When designing a small bathroom 2025, you can choose light tiles for the floor. Self-leveling floors are important. Beautiful and practical. It has no seams for added moisture resistance and durability. A more spacious bathroom can be supplemented with clapboards.

Unconventional and well suited to the spirit of Scandinavian or eco-friendly design. By the way, the plate can be successfully replaced with ceramic tiles. Some companies imitate wood panels very well. They are almost indistinguishable from the real ones.

Bathroom design 2025: Furniture and sanitary ware

Bathroom 2025

Bathroom design involves the use of various furniture. If the room is small, it should, if possible, perform several functions at the same time. For example, it would be interesting to look at a washing machine built into a cash desk. Bathroom furniture in the form of a “wall” looks original. This is practical and allows you to “free” other rooms in the house from storage systems.

If there is very little space, a mirror above the sink can replace a cabinet with a mirrored door, and a pencil case can be conveniently placed above the washing machine. It is best to order bathroom furniture. This service is offered by many companies. This will allow you to use every inch of your small bathroom.


Metal is one of the materials that will make 2025 bathroom design stand out. And it’s not just metal accessories. A metal bathroom of an unusual shape will look spectacular.

Typically, these products are ordered. But recently, some well-known sanitary ware brands present all collections in different directions.

Bathroom design ideas 2025: lighting

Bathroom 2025

Although we repeatedly emphasize that minimalism is the main trend of the coming years, a little decoration never hurts. bathroom design It is recommended to use tables when creating 2025. This is an unusual solution for spacious bathrooms.

Another feature is the flower pots hanging on the wall. They replaced lemons and other trees in the tubs. Flowers in pots and vases will enliven any interior and at the same time emphasize the theme of eco-design. Even plumbing can be a decorative item. Oval sinks made of gray granite look unusual. They are especially well combined with black glossy glass countertops.

Lighting equipment

The lamps can also be used as bathroom decor.

Do not forget! There must be a lot of light in the bathroom. Therefore, it would not hurt to supplement the recessed ceiling lighting with several original lamps. The most relevant options are the simplest form. Made from lightweight frosted glass with chrome brackets.

By the way, the trend is built-in backlighting in the form of rather large rectangles. They are made of white frosted glass and look like a kind of window in the ceiling. Such a solution, as it were, pulls the room up, adding space.

Now you know everything about bathroom design in 2025. We hope that you will be able to correctly use the presented trends and that your comfortable mini-SPA will be appreciated by everyone.

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