TOP 18 Free SEO Tools in 2024

Free SEO Tools

Website promotion in search engines is paramount for successful website promotion. You can do this on a whim, your own understanding, or with the help of special tools, paid or free. The specialist, the owner of the resource, decides for himself which set is more convenient to work with to form semantics, track the affairs of competitors, etc.

If you are just learning SEO promotion tools, we recommend that you pay attention to a selection of free programs that function no worse than paid ones and give good results. Among them are those that require installation on a computer and those that are online services and browser extensions. Some free versions do not even require registration.

Free SEO Tools from Google

Free programs of the famous search engine are not humanitarian assistance to users, but mutually beneficial cooperation. By providing them, the search engine increases its advertising potential, while simultaneously satisfying the needs of visitors for quality SEO tools.

Google Search Console

Search Console is designed for analytical work when promoting resources on Google and performs the following functions:

  • Provides specialists with reports via links (internal, external);
  • Checks the mobile version of the site;
  • Makes it possible to see by what queries the resource ends up in the search engine;
  • Shows rating data;
  • Warns of security problems.

I would like to note that the free service has a version in Russian.

Google Analytics

The service is a good help for marketing specialists, owners of online projects, and helps with effective SEO promotion. Analitics allows you to analyze the behavioral nature of users and can interact with applications. With its help you can:

  • Conduct testing;
  • Analyze the effectiveness of advertising;
  • Calculate the percentage of conversions;
  • Monitor the behavior of visitors on the site;
  • Keep up to date with events;
  • Browse online.

To work in this system, it is suggested to create a Google account.

Google Trends

The program allows you to:

  • find out what users are looking for on the World Wide Web;
  • monitor the total number of searches with indicators by region, region;
  • see data on promotion trends;
  • search by keyword.

In other words, the tool shows where and how people use keywords. This suggests which semantics are justified to use on the site.

Google Keyword Planner

Google AdWords – allows you to select keywords based on queries and website addresses. Using the program, you can familiarize yourself with statistical forecasts for keywords regarding regions and regions. Such statistics are used when setting up advertisements.

The scheduler has:

  • Russian-language interface;
  • Ability to calculate campaign costs;
  • Ability to support online work.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

The free tool helps you evaluate how productive the project is and how quickly it loads on desktop and mobile devices. The program will report weaknesses and offer options to resolve problems.

Resource owners often overlook page loading speed indicators, although they are important for reducing the number of failures and keeping visitors on the resource. Identifying problems and eliminating them help SEO website promotion.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Testing for mobile friendliness gives specialists an idea of ​​how correctly the project works on mobile devices. To receive a report showing how easy the portal is to use, simply enter the URL. Next, you can decide on the need for optimization.

The test is a free, useful SEO tool, as the share of Internet access from mobile gadgets is growing. Ease of use will affect the time spent on the site and will reduce the percentage of quick exits.

Free SEO tools from Yandex

The platform offers services aimed at improving search rankings and increasing traffic. Among them there are very effective free tools for promoting an Internet business.


The program is a good assistant for beginners and specialists, because:

  • Helps monitor request statistics;
  • Track the dynamics of changes in the number of impressions, clicks, etc.

The section on checking mobile pages gives an idea of ​​the correct display of the site on mobile phones and tablets.

The tool responds to 20 common errors during technical failures.


Using the service, you can analyze traffic. The counter collects information about the guests of the resource; the webmaster has the opportunity to view the reports in his personal account. Data is provided as graphs, diagrams, tables. This allows you to draw certain conclusions about the operation of the site and the need for its SEO optimization.

Yandex.Metrica helps to obtain a large amount of information, make individual settings, and generates reports on the following items:

  • Key queries;
  • Audience according to certain criteria;
  • Conversion rates.

Additional advantages are the ability to connect options for organizing advertising campaigns, track the behavioral nature of users on the resource, and analyze the success of investments (end-to-end, content analytics are used). Statistics also show the number of conversions.

Choice of words

Yandex.Wordstat helps to track the history of requests, their intensity in relation to different regions of the country, and allows you to understand from which devices they were made. The advantages of the service are convenient settings for setting search conditions, correct data on the frequency of requests. The disadvantage of Wordstat is the lack of statistical data at the end of the month, as well as forecasts.

WordStat is adapted for mobile gadgets.

To create an account, you can use Yandex mail and social networks.

Other Free SEO Tools

Programs for SEO promotion are not limited to belonging to Google or Yandex. Many third-party attributes are distinguished by thorough research. Some of them have a free trial option, others offer limited functionality. There are options that are completely free, with no time limit.

Answer the Public

Targeting keywords helps SEOs understand what users want to know. The tool reviews queries in Google, then collects additional keywords based on this data.

The program’s functionality is useful for SEOs, since search engine rankings are partly based on people’s opinions about the relevance of the content. The data obtained helps determine the choice of the necessary semantic core.


Service is a favorite of many large companies. It has a wide range of capabilities, monitors keywords, content, link mass, domains, and competitor resources.

Ahrefs helps to obtain a comprehensive audit at the beginning of a project, then for systematic checks as the portal operates. The audit is carried out in the following areas:

  • Link parameters test;
  • Formation of the semantic core;
  • Research of competitors’ Internet business;
  • Highlighting the starting parameters of the site.

The service gives an idea of ​​the ranking of the web portal and important pages, and shows growth as a result of SEO promotion. Using the program, you can determine which key queries are more numerous: branded, selling, non-anchor ones.

Screaming Frog

The service is designed for auditing and testing. The free version is more modest than the paid version, but is suitable for small projects. To work, you need to install the program on your computer. It must be borne in mind that there is only an English version, although the interface is well understood by the average user.

In order to obtain the necessary information, enter the site address in a special line and press the “start” button. The program scans pages and folders.


The specialist who created this SEO tool is offering a week of free use. During this time, you can evaluate the program in several areas:

  • The effectiveness of keyword research;
  • Monitoring the portal rating;
  • Analysis of links to your project.

An audit will show the overall picture of the project – strengths and weaknesses. The tool provides an integrated approach and, perhaps, this will be enough for a novice specialist to get the job done.


It is an extension for Chrome presented by Moz. The tool provides real-time metrics on websites you visit, SERPs. The extension allows:

  • View the authority of the site, page;
  • Find out information about the attributes links, pages.

You can evaluate the successes of competitors in order to improve your project, increase your authority, and position in SERP.

Bing Webmaster Tools

This is Google’s version of SEO tools. A specialist can install a plugin that will inform Bing about the need to index an addition to a resource. Specialists are presented with a special SEO set with functions such as:

  • Keyword analysis;
  • Backlink research;
  • Scanning pages to identify technical problems affecting promotion, providing a report on how to improve the situation.

Yoast SEO

Yoast offers consumers several SEO plugins, but the best known is the free WordPress plugin. It introduces features such as:

  • Checking links;
  • Optimization of speed indicators;
  • Assessing content for compliance with SEO requirements;
  • Effective indexing in search engines.

Although the free version is not up to par with the premium version, it is suitable for young professionals, especially since it is not difficult to upgrade to the advanced version.


The program is designed to fulfill several goals at once for marketing needs, but it offers certain tools for free:

  • Search for key phrases, words;
  • Research of “neighbors” in a niche;
  • Analytics for the site, keywords, domains.


The application makes it possible to do competitive analysis and intelligence on marketing trends. Designed for use in Chrome API, it helps to identify resources similar to yours and analyze them. The goal is to find out what other people’s sites do better for promotion (performance indicators, use of key semantics). Positive experience can always be applied to your own project.


A lot of free tools for SEO promotion help to visualize analytical and statistical data, and conduct systematic monitoring of the resource to improve its position in search engines. This allows you to do without the help of specialists at first and develop your business platform.

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