Living Room Design 2025

The living room design 2025 is a room that is functionally and, at the same time, cozy and ergonomic. This is a common space for the whole family, in which households gather in the evenings, communicate and celebrate celebrations. In addition, sometimes the living room is used as a dining room or even a study. Therefore, it is necessary to pay full attention to the layout and decor elements.

Living Room Design 2025

According to the designers, in 2025 it is fashionable to break the established rules and break stereotypes. The main thing is that the living room creates comfort for everyone, is not overloaded with furniture, details and looks non-standard in design. These are fresh shades, bright accents, unusual forms of the familiar. But, even if the plans do not include the transformation of the living room as a whole, a few accents will be enough to make the interior look updated.

Trendy living room colors 2025

Living Room Design 2025

Attention to ecology and nature is the main trend of the season, penetrating into interior design, with a tendency to stay for a long time. Among the colors for the living room in 2025, various shades of green and blue stand out. Grace, elegance and chic are combined with natural, natural tones.

For a bright living room

In living rooms filled with light and air, fashion trends recommend adding the following shades of the palette:

Sage – green, fresh and calm, it will give harmony and liveliness to a bright living room.

Blue, color of the year. Soft, expanding space. Ideal to start a new day.

Pink, more precisely, its updated version with the content of yellow pigment. It gives tenderness and calmness, beautifully frames furniture and decorative elements.

Cognac is very popular in 2025 home decor, this warm and complex color shade is good on walls and in decor.

Beige and nude in 2025 are gaining relevance. Cozy and warm, they pair wonderfully with bright modern or classic décor.

For a dark living room

In living rooms decorated in dark colors, for the purpose of updating, it is worth adding bright and refreshing shades:

Yellow in 2025 is chosen bright and sunny.

Gray, natural and able to balance other colors, it is recommended to choose in a complex shade, with notes of green or blue.

Monochrome, which also plays a significant role in 2025, is easy to get from one chosen color. A single color scheme of different shades of tone will give the living room sophistication and harmony, and will also allow you to control the volume of the room.


Living room design trends in 2025 are focused on creating bold and, at the same time, harmonious color combinations. For example, sage green is easy to combine with shades of gray, powdery or hot pink. Blue perfectly balances deep shades such as brown or gray. Yellow goes well with anthracite gray. Cognac is in perfect harmony with light neutral colors.

Living room 2025: Materials and textures

Living Room 2025

To give the living room a note of naturalness in 2025 will help accentuation of natural colors, texture and texture.

For wall and floor finishing

In addition to the color scheme, the fashionable interior of the walls is represented by a variety of textures. In addition to convex plaster, the walls are decorated with large fiber fabrics, textured stone, rattan, bamboo and other natural materials.

Marble is becoming very popular among finishing materials. Especially gray, pinkish, black and blue shades with noticeable streaks. No less demanded in the design of surfaces is natural wood, mainly oak, walnut, ash and teak.


In the design of the living room in 2025, furniture made from natural materials is preferred. Fashion refuses cheap chipboard and plastic, paying special attention to natural materials. They are more expensive, but their service life is much longer than the budget ones. In addition, natural textures look incomparably more elegant and nobler. With such furniture, the room acquires comfort and sophistication. The design of the room is interestingly diversified by interior items: pillows, candlesticks, paintings and panels.

Shapes, drawings, patterns

Living Room 2025

Modern trends tend to create the greatest comfort with the unusual shapes of objects. Therefore, all shapes and silhouettes are softened, rounded. Smoothness, curved lines are preferred to rectangular furniture, choosing round tables and armchairs, crescent-shaped sets, islands and spherical lamps. The trend is streamlined shapes and textures that combine and complement each other, uniting the space.

Large images of flowers and birds are also gaining popularity. Placers of stars, clouds and just bright large strokes fit well into the design of unusual walls.

Living room design 2025: Actual styles

Living Room 2025

When designing a living room, it is important to decide on the most fashionable style that suits the room and taste of the owners.


Pleasant style, suitable for small spaces, looks especially interesting in studio apartments. Fiberglass wallpapers are often chosen for this living room design in 2025. They can be repainted many times, so updating the design is quite easy. Transforming furniture is perfect for a living room in a minimalist style; this set contains multifunctional elements. At the same time, the color scheme of the style implies limitation and will look advantageous in aqua or emerald shades.



This style is designed to decorate living rooms with a large area. Perfectly combined with surfaces made of uncoated bricks. An oversized sofa upholstered in natural leather or suede is the main detail of a beautiful loft-style design.


The design of the Scandinavian style is characterized by the use of white and blue colors, which give a northern charm. Wallpaper is better to choose fabric. This style is characterized by elements of minimalism, and it is better to liken the interior to the current one in the 60s.


This interior style is chosen by people who are worried about the environmental friendliness of the situation, as well as prone to allergies. An eco-style living room in 2025 should not be overcrowded with furniture and houseplants. An interesting option would be to decorate the walls with live wallpaper – ivy. Free sections of the walls are best finished with natural stone or wood.

High tech

The living room of this style will be characterized by attention to light, especially for studio apartments. In such rooms, the bar counter is a special accent of the decor and a separate lighting is installed for it, dividing the space into sections. Ceilings can be a metal mesh with many fixtures. Such a ceiling goes well with different wall finishes, from painting to ceramic tiles.

Living room lighting 2025

Living Room Trends 2025

In the coming season, in the interior design of the living room, lighting carries not only a narrowly practical, but also a decorative meaning. Like any accents, light should be used sparingly. For example, general lighting can be represented by ceiling spots or lighting passing around the perimeter of the room. And additional – to be provided with beautiful lamps: suspensions, sconces, floor lamps.

Lamps made of glass or with precious metal finishes also look good, they can have simple shapes and stand out with a bright texture. A magnificent chandelier or a stylish lamp above the sofa set can become an element of decor. In this case, the remaining light sources are selected in a relatively restrained design.

Living room trends 2025: Layout and furniture for the

Living Room Trends 2025

The division of space according to the functionality of the zones is the main idea for planning a living room design in 2025. If the area of the room allows, several zones should be distinguished. For example, a place of rest and a work area. Ideally, if different spaces flow into each other, complementing and enhancing the style and color scheme of the living room.

Purchase fashion headsets that include handmade elements. Stone countertops, cabinets in all shades of natural wood. Rattan decorative elements – sconce or armchair. And indoor plants will give the interior ease and hospitality.

Sofas and armchairs

The trend is spectacular sofas that stand out brightly in the interior of the living room with a unique design. They can be of an unusual rounded shape, radius models are popular. You can complement the sofa with armchairs and ottomans, focusing on pillows.

The trendy solution in 2025 is the presence of transforming sofas. Such furniture serves not only as a bed, but as a play space. But living room options are possible without a standard sofa at all, then alternative places of rest are located in the living room: armchairs, couches.

Accent chairs also play an important role in filling empty space. Their most successful combination with lamps or small tables.


The design of living room cabinets implies multifunctionality, the use of natural materials, textures and shades. For example, a caramel, straw, grayish tree is popular. It is convenient to zone the space with such an interior item, to allocate a place for reading, work or leisure. It is considered a stylish and appropriate technique to use mirror surfaces, so individual facades of large cabinets can also be mirrored.

Walls, TV cabinets

Laconic TV cabinets are in harmony with many design styles. They are easy to move, shifting accents in the room. Chests of drawers and even bulky-looking bedside tables can be transformers, and then they conveniently fold into another element of decor.

Coffee tables

Tables in 2025 are appropriate for both strict lines, with narrow and smooth panels made of natural wood, and stylish metal ones with thin legs. Many types of metals are popular: chrome, gold, bronze, steel and others. The transformation of tables into large tables is also functional, and the possibility of their movement facilitates cleaning.

Work zone

It is quite easy to highlight the working area with the help of partitions fashionable in the new season made of laths in the color of natural wood, a decorative console or mobile screens. Equipment in such a zone can be varied in composition, materials and shades, but it is important to maintain a balance without overloading the space. Trends in the design of work areas are prone to minimalism in decor elements, preferring comfort and simplicity.

Living room design trends 2025

Living Room Trends 2025

The living room in 2025 is the room that has the maximum number of functions. It should provide maximum psychological and functional comfort.

The design is dominated by the freedom to combine a variety of colors, textures and styles. But the traditional solution in calm colors with a single bright accent is also quite relevant.

The design decision is at the discretion of the owner. The absence of strict standards allows everyone to decorate the living room in the way they like, taking into account the latest fashion trends.

Colors and their combinations

The trend is natural colors with a predominance of light tones and contrasting accents. Natural shades soothe the perception of a modern person who lives and works in the midst of powerful information noise. For people who prefer contrasts, trends suggest combining bright colors with neutral ones. For example, shades of white and black, beige and chocolate, soft green with deep blue.

Shapes and drawings

A rounded edge, smooth lines of objects are considered fashionable. This trend can be seen everywhere: in the bends of arches, furniture sets, lighting design, decor elements. The drawings suggest enlarged natural images.

Materials and textures

In the design of the living room in 2025, preference is given to natural materials: wood, stone, glass, leather, natural textiles. The texture in fashion is convex and smooth, and the texture should reflect natural motifs. Metal decorative elements, thin and elegant, are also in fashion.


The style variety of popular trends in the new season will allow you to equip the living room for every taste, and the most relevant are minimalism, hi-tech, loft, Scandinavian and eco-style.


Lighting also has a decorative function. Spherical and asymmetric shapes, clarity and ease of the main lines are relevant. High-tech lamps are widespread, but in spacious rooms, a large crystal chandelier can play the main role.

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