Zip tie plug wire looms

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  • Strong zipties in the colors of your choice (7 crappy medium ties were broken during this, so be sure to get good ones).
  • 2 different sizes - one pkg of small ties and one pkg of medium.
  • A pair of wire-snips or other cutting implement.
  • About 15 minutes.

You should do this while the wires are already installed on the engine, unless you have already marked the locations you want your looms.

Zip tie plug wire looms 1.jpg


  1. Wrap a larger zip tie around all four wires, but do not tighten it down.
    Zip tie plug wire looms 2.jpg
  2. Take one of your smaller ties, slide it between the middle two wires, and create a loop around the black wire, but again, do not fully tighten.
    Zip tie plug wire looms 3.jpg
  3. Repeat step 2 between the two other spaces, until is looks like this:
    Zip tie plug wire looms.jpg
    Zip tie plug wire looms 4.jpg

Directions & photos courtesy of nezwick.

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