Ford ZX2 automatic transmission engine removal

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This article, on how to remove an engine from a Ford ZX2, is intended for ZX2s with automatic transmissions. The process for removing an engine from a manual transmission equipped vehicle is slightly different.

Special tools needed:

Disconnect tool.png
  • Disconnect tool for spring lock couplings (1/2"). 310-D005 (D87L-9280-B) or equivalent.
  • Disconnect tool for spring lock couplings (3/8"). 310-D004 (D87L-9280-A) or equivalent.
    • These tools can be purchased at any automotive parts store, and vary a lot in design, however any spring lock coupling tool will work as long as it's for the specified sizes of 1/2" and 3/8". One of the most popular and inexpensive designs can be seen to the right.
  • Brackets, for lifting the engine. 303-050 (T70P-6000). Not really required, because a bolt can be inserted anywhere else on the head and linked with chains, as long as it is thick enough and as long as the engine is leveled properly.
    Zx2 engineremoval01.png


  1. Remove the hood.
  2. WARNING: Do not smoke or bring close any sources of flame when working on or near any fuel related components. Highly flammable mixtures are always present and may be ignited, resulting in possible personal injury.
  3. Relieve the fuel system pressure. Remove the fuel pump fuse, and run the car until it stalls. Turn it over 2 more times.
  4. Remove the battery.
  5. Remove the battery tray.
  6. Disconnect the heated oxygen sensor (HO2S).
  7. Drain the engine coolant.
  8. Recover the A/C refrigerant (or remove the A/C compressor with all the lines attached. It might get in the way).
  9. Remove the catalytic converter.
  10. Remove the radiator splash shield.
  11. Disconnect the starter motor wiring.
  12. Remove the drive belt.
  13. Remove the A/C compressor.
  14. Disconnect the lower radiator hose and heater hose.
    Zx2 engineremoval02.png
  15. Disconnect the power steering pressure line.
  16. Remove the torque converter access cover.
    Zx2 engineremoval03.png
  17. Remove the torque converter nuts. This will require turning over the engine with a breaker bar connected to the main crank pulley, and then holding the breaker bar while breaking loose the torque converter nuts. Be sure to mark any area of where the torque converter and flywheel meet, to make re-installation and alignment of the bolts easier
    Zx2 engineremoval04.png
  18. Remove the front roll restrictor.
    Zx2 engineremoval05.png
  19. Remove the nuts which hold the front transmission mount to the subframe connector.
    Zx2 engineremoval06.png
  20. Remove the driveshafts.
  21. Disconnect the transaxle cooler lines.
  22. Remove the transaxle cooler line bolts.
    Zx2 engineremoval07.png
  23. Remove the air cleaner assembly.
  24. Disconnect the transaxle shift cable.
    Zx2 engineremoval08.png
  25. Disconnect the fuel charging wiring from the transaxle internal wiring harness connector, turbine shaft speed sensor, transaxle range sensor and the heated oxygen sensor connector.
    Zx2 engineremoval09.png
  26. Remove the radiator (8005), fan shroud (8146) and fan motor (8C607) as an assembly.
  27. Remove the transaxle cooler lines.
  28. Disconnect the accelerator cable (9A758) and the speed control actuator cable (9A825).
    Zx2 engineremoval10.png
  29. Disconnect the accelerator cable, the speed control actuator cable and the brackets.
    Zx2 engineremoval11.png
  30. Disconnect the power steering return hose (3A713).
  31. Remove the radiator coolant recovery reservoir (8A080).
  32. Disconnect the generator wiring.
  33. Disconnect three vacuum lines.
    Zx2 engineremoval12.png
  34. Disconnect the fuel charging wiring harness connectors.
    Zx2 engineremoval13.png
  35. Disconnect the heater water hoses (18472).
    Zx2 engineremoval14.png
  36. Disconnect the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) (9E731) and ground strap.
    Zx2 engineremoval15.png
  37. Disconnect the fuel line.
  38. Support the engine with a floor crane.
  39. Remove the bolt.
    Zx2 engineremoval16.png
  40. Remove the nuts and bolts to the transmission mount closest to the wheel on the driver side.
    Zx2 engineremoval17.png
  41. Remove engine and transaxle as an assembly.
  42. Remove the eight bolts that connect the bellhousing.
    Zx2 engineremoval18.png
  43. Remove the two bolts.
    Zx2 engineremoval19.png
  44. Mount the engine on a suitable engine stand.

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