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Changing the manual transmission fluid in a Ford Focus is pretty simple, just follow the procedures. This article applies to all Ford Focuses, since it is for the MTX-75 manual transmission. It should also work on other MTX-75 equipped vehicles such as the Ford Contour. The owners manual calls for this procedure to be performed every 100,000 mi. Although more frequent change intervals are not a bad idea. Through the course of the manual transmission's life, metallic parties will build up in the fluid from natural wear, these metallic particles is what causes bearing wear and eventual failure.

Required tools & materials

  • Jack & jack stands.
  • Drain pan.
  • 8mm hex key.
  • Funnel w/ tubing (preferred).
  • 2.1 quarts of your favorite, fully synthetic MTX fluid.
    • The factory spec calls for XT-M5-QS.
    • For this example, BG Synchro Shift II, fluid was used. It is high quality and improves the shifting of a transmission. Available online or at Mitsubishi dealerships.


  1. Raise the vehicle up with a jack, and place it on jack stands. Accessing the back of the transmission for draining the fluid is not possible otherwise.
  2. Using your 8mm hex key, check to make sure you can loosen the fill plug. Crack it loose, but don't unscrew it.
    Mtx75 fluid02.jpg
  3. On the left side of the transmission, just in front of the rear motor mount, the drain plug resides. Use the 8mm hex key and unscrew it.
    Mtx75 fluid03.jpg
  4. After the fluid has completely drained (approx 5-10 mins), tighten the plug back on. Make sure it is pretty tight but not to the point of stripping the threads. The last thing you'd want is your manual transmission fluid leaking out, leading to failure.
  5. Now use the funnel and tubing to fill the transmission from the fill hole. Make sure you use 2.1 quarts. Yes, that means having to buy three.
    Mtx75 fluid04.jpg
  6. Tighten this plug down the same as the drain plug, lower the car.

Fluid types

While the factory spec used to be ATF fluid, it's viscosity does not last very well in such an environment and it does not shear very well. Therefore it has been made obsolete for the MTX-75 transmission and replaced with XT-M5-QS which is available at Ford Dealerships. Another great alternative is Torco oil, available by order form They manufacture a wide variety of lubricants for any application, and the engineering team is friendly and very helpful if any help is required on choosing the right oil.

Mtx75 fluid05.jpg