Dodge Neon SOHC engine removal

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Procedure for pulling the Neon SOHC motor. The following takes about 3 hours for one person.

  1. Remove the hood.
  2. Drain transmission fluid.
  3. Remove halfshafts.
  4. Remove battery and battery tray.
    • The battery temp sensor will have to be disconnected from the tray.
  5. Drain and remove the radiator with hoses and fan attached.
  6. Remove air box, bracket, and intake.
  7. Unbolt the catalytic converter from exhaust manifold.
  8. Remove coolant overflow tank.
  9. Disconnect the rear O2 sensor near the alternator heat shield.
  10. Unbolt the ground strap from valve cover.
  11. Unbolt the power steering reservoir from the cylinder head head.
    • Do not remove any power steering lines! Try to avoid disturbing them as this can sometimes result in leaks.
  12. Unbolt power steering pump from the bracket and lay it back behind the RF strut tower.
  13. Disconnect back up light on trans and ground strap.
  14. Separate harness at the 60 way connector (unbolt the bracket too).
  15. Disconnect the battery cable from starter.
  16. Unhook the clutch cable.
  17. Unhook the shifter cables from trans and trans bracket (don't loose the clips).
  18. Disconnect the heater hoses from lines above the trans.
  19. Disconnect the throttle cable from the throttle body and bracket.
  20. Unbolt the power hop damper at the crossmember.
  21. Remove the front motor mount through bolt.
  22. Support the right side of the motor with a jack.
    • When supporting parts of the engine or trans with a jack, try to use a piece of wood in between to spread out the pressure and avoid creatingany dents or scratches.
  23. Remove the right side mount with purge solenoid.
  24. Hook the chain for hoisting out the engine through the mount bolt.
  25. Let the motor down so the through bolt is sitting on the rail.
  26. Support the trans with a jack.
  27. Remove through bolt at trans mount
  28. Hook a chain to one of the trans mount bolts (not the through bolt).
  29. Hook chain to engine lift.
  30. Remove the jack.
  31. Rotate engine assembly clockwise slightly, so trans mount clears bracket
  32. Pull the engine out.

Notes for trans:

  • The plastic 2.2L clutch alignment tool from Murray's works on the Neon motor.
  • Make sure to use the Mopar fluid specifically for the Neon trans, as listed in the specs.